Greetings all!

Hi folks . . . no, I didn’t forget about you last week! To be honest, I was working on re-writes and re-edits to do on a chapter that I wasn’t really happy with. It was bugging me and so I was simply trying to beat it into better shape before I posted it! lol

Anyhow, for better or for worse, I’ve now posted the next chapter to the Legends story, titled The Brothers. As I said, I had some difficulty with this story, but I have always promised that the tale of how the township of Thompsonville came to be would eventually be told, so here it is . . . even if it’s not exactly all sweet and light! (There! You have been warned! lol)

As this one is running late and my usual update day is only a couple of days away, there won’t be another update this week, so until next time, happy reading! And be good to one another! šŸ™‚

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Australian country boy and writer of gay romance stories...
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3 Responses to Greetings all!

  1. Chet Thompson says:

    Nobody ever expected anything, but many skeletons regarding the Thompsons in the beginning of Thompsonville!!! That story had been hinted at and with the despicable parts of the Thompson Clan never seems to be hidden from view!!! There have been at least one of each generation who proved to be a Bully/Rapist of many guys!!! So this part of the story, definitely is not unexpected!!!
    I know that writing despicable characters is not what you want to do, but they are there, and distinct part of that Family!!!
    Thanks for the good work!!!

  2. Chet Thompson says:

    You know, it is entirely possible, because of a reaction to the Bully/Rapists of the Thompson Clan, could be the Reason that in later years, Thompsonville has become so seeming tolerant of the GLBT Citizens around!!!

    • ponyboy63 says:

      Thank you for your comments Chet! I wasn’t particularly happy about writing this chapter, but I still felt that it needed to be written, if only for the hinted at ‘skeletons’ and ‘despicable persons’ to become real. We have to remember that not all the Thompson clan are evil though (remember young Davy Thompson, our hero from ‘Armistice’?). I guess it’s all a matter of being able to balance it all out.
      And yes, I do think that your comment about T’ville becoming a more tolerant place in latter years because of its history has some element of truth to it! šŸ˜‰
      Hope all is well with you? Cheers.

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