Up for a challenge…

One of the reasons I decided to give the Vocal.Media site a try was because it offered so many opportunities, including the chance to participate in challenges, at least in part aimed at helping to improve our writing.

I recently noticed a challenge called Coming of Age and figured I should give that a go, even if only to get something down in writing. I found it to be an extremely interesting exercise and one that I very much enjoyed tackling.

Hers is my effort: Fair Girls and Grey Horses – Life lessons my father left me with


About ponyboy63

Australian country boy and writer of gay romance stories...
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2 Responses to Up for a challenge…

  1. James Morey says:

    Ponyboy, could you please tell me when you will be updating “The Prisoner of Carronne” with a new chapter? I keep looking but haven’t found your update yet. Sorry for being off topic but wasn’t sure how to contact you. I hope this does. James

    • ponyboy63 says:

      Hi James. Thanks for the prompt. I’ve been feeling guilty about all my half done stories and have actually been looking at this one again in the past few weeks. I have the next chapter started and some notes on where it is going but I need to catch up up on things and make sure I have the rest of the story fresh in my mind again before I go too far with it. I’m going to re-launch PoC on the new Vocal site once I get a few new chapters under my belt. If you ‘follow’ this home page, on which I will send out a notification, you will be able to get the notification when I post anything new. Thanks very much for writing! Take care. M

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