My Stories

Welcome to my stories page, where you will find a list of – and links to – all of the stories I have written and posted online. These include short stories, novels and also collaborations between myself and other authors.

At the moment I am in the process of transferring these stories from old site to new site, however for the moment I have simply provided links for them all to their ‘old’ pages. I am also currently working on re-writing some of these stories (fixing grammar and plot stuff-up’s), so I ask you to please be patient as I build this new website and change everything over.

My Stories

These first five stories form a part of a series, following the lives of a group of friends, from high school through to a time ten years later. There is a great deal of learning and living involved for the whole gang as they make their way from teenagers to adults.
The final part to the story, A GOOD PLACE, was written in 2013 and the first chapters have now been posted. I hope you enjoy catching up on the lives of Luke, Matt, Tim, Guy, Tony, Aaron, Scott, Justin, Ben, Samantha and all their friends!



THE BALCONY / A TIME FOR CHANGE  by Dabeagle & Mark Peters
UNANSWERED PRAYERS  by Dabeagle & Mark Peters

17 Responses to My Stories

  1. Hey Ponyboy;

    Just reread “Beyond Salvation” and still feel it is a great story worth covering again. I will be looking forward to more of your stories and like the new “YOUR HOME PAGE” — nice to have “all your eggs in one basket” so it seems. Hope your horses are doing well –mine enjoy harassing the cattle — and of course eating me “out of house and home” lol. Keep well and fit. Summer here (western Minnesota) as verses your place —at least as of yesterday I have some hay put up for winter.

    Cowpuncher John

    • ponyboy63 says:

      Hey Cowpuncher

      Thanks for the message. It’s so nice to see you folks re-visiting the stories and enjoying them!

      There is still quite a bit of ground to be covered with ‘Beyond Salvation’, so I’ll definitely be revisiting it in the future. It’s on my list of things ‘to do’ but at the moment there are a few other projects in front of it! 😉

      At the moment I have two new stories I’m working on, but I’m not going to post anything until they are done, as I don’t want to reapeat what I’ve done with some of the others: either not get finished or get posted with errors in them! Once they are done then I’m planning on finishing those half finished stories before I turn my attention to anything else new! 😉

      Yup, it’s winter time here … which means it’s time to buy in hay for the ponies, so that ‘eating me out of house and home’ is pretty close to the mark here as well! (lol) They’re all looking like fluffy shetland ponies at the moment, but hopefully come spring time they’ll be looking pretty again and I might have a few new foals to go with them!

      Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to message me. Enjoy your reading!


    • Great story I liked it very much thanks so much ponyboy. Hey cowpuncher John John (Jack) here from St. Cloud

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  3. Bll says:

    I tried to link your other stories like A Song for Guy but site was not found

    • ponyboy63 says:

      Sorry about that Bill. The old site no longer works (which is where it and a few of the others were stored). As soon as I get the chance I’ll try and change the link so it points to where it is on Nifty (at least until I can get the new re-edited version finished and posted).

    • ponyboy63 says:

      Hi Bill. Just letting you know that I’ve updated the links for those earlier stories, being After We Danced, Song For Guy, The Rip and Thompsonville, so that they now all point at where they are on
      I will be doing some re-writes and re-edits on these stories as I prepare them for being posted on this site once more, so these links will be replaced with the ‘new versions’ once completed.
      Cheers. 🙂

  4. Doug Jones says:

    just wanted to drop you a line, to let you know that the links to some of your stories such as
    “The Prisoner of Carronne” are defective and do not allow the stories to be accessed.

    • ponyboy63 says:

      Hi Doug. Yes, that’s right, but you will find a few of those stories are now on this new site … I just need to correct the links for their new locations. As for ‘Prisoner’ … I’m working on re-writing the original chapters as we speak, and hopefully I will start re-posting these very soon, once the editing has been done!
      Thanks for the message, and I hope you’re enjoying my stories! 🙂

  5. Doug Jones says:

    I love your Stories

  6. Stuart says:

    Hi Ponyboy

    Just finished reading After We Danced and I just wanted to say I loved it immensely, the romantic in me loves stories about love rather than just all about sex. Was thrilled to discover there is more about Matt, Luke and the other guys, but since you say you’re doing a bit of rewriting I’ve decided to be patient and wait for the new improved versions. Actually I’ve just realised I started Mardi Gras Murders a while back and never finished, so that will give me something to go on with in the mean time. Looking forward to more good stuff in the future.

  7. Brian Mitchell says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed this series. I lived in Melbourne in the late 60’s and love anything about Australia. it is a regret of mine that I returned to England. I really loved your stories of the boys and would so love to know what their future held as I feel your stories although good were unfinished. Please if the mood takes you add some more and finish it off. I can read these over and over and still find enjoyment in them. Thank you

    • ponyboy63 says:

      Hi Brian. Thanks so much for your comments. So glad you’ve enjoyed the stories. I’ve been fairly quiet on the writing front these past few years but am trying to get back into the groove now. I have plans for continuations on some of these stories, so stay tuned! Thanks again. Mark

  8. P B Johnson. says:

    Stovie. Go tell bony I’m coming to city limits kanas. Ponyboy will be there with boycat jackson..( that just turned u on). U still like Stovie. No problem for a slob I say about laying dawn with bony.. Bony Jackson got you booty.

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