A Good Place 15

a good place beach 3 Chapter Fifteen

It was only a few minutes later when we arrived back at Luke and Matt’s house. As we drove I said to Aaron that I needed to shower and change before going into town and he looked across at me and grinned.

‘Do you think that’s such a good idea?’ I asked.

‘Probably not,’ he replied. ‘You know, it feels strange, all this getting to know you again stuff . . .’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, after everything that we have shared, I feel I already know you better than I know anyone else in the world . . . but . . .’ before cutting himself short.

‘I know what you mean, but we’re both different people now,’ I said to him. ‘We’ve both changed and there’s so much more now for both of us to learn about the other.’

‘That’s true, I guess.’

He had one hand on the steering wheel and the other resting on the seat between us. I reached across and took his hand, just holding it and not saying anything more.

‘I’ve missed all the little things, like that,’ he said. ‘Someone holding my hand, or hugging me when I’m down.’

‘So have I, mate,’ I replied.

‘Do you really think we can get back what we once had? I mean, I know things are different now, so things can never really be exactly the same again, but we can still be happy, can’t we? There’s still a chance of that, isn’t there?’

‘Yes mate, we can still be happy, and I promise you that I’m going to give it my best shot,’ I replied. ‘I still care for you just as much as when we parted, or even more so now, so I’m going to do my best to make it up to you.’

He gave my hand a brief squeeze, then let go, before slowing the truck down and changing gears, ready to turn into the driveway.

When we came to a stop we sat there for a few moments as we contemplated what I believed we were both thinking could be the next step in the process of healing our relationship.

‘It would be nice to think that we could just pick up where we left off, wouldn’t it?’ I said to him.

‘Yeah, it would. But we both know it’s not quite that easy, is it?’

‘No,’ I replied. ‘I don’t want you to do anything that you’re not comfortable with.’

‘I know. And I appreciate the fact that you are doing that. It’s just . . .’

‘There’s no need to explain. I’m going to go in . . . I really need to shower,’ I said, while taking a sniff of my armpits and feigning disgust. ‘I’ll only be five minutes, so come in if you like . . . even if you just sit on the bed and wait . . . then afterwards we’ll go to town, get some fish ‘n chips and go sit on the beach, or you can show me around town and point out everything that has changed in the last five years.’

‘Fish ‘n chips? Is that all I’m worth? They tell me Luke got lobster!’ he laughed.

‘Mate, you can have anything the hell you want.’


‘Absolutely anything,’ I replied.

He looked back at me with a lop-sided grin and thought for a moment, then said, ‘You go have your shower and I’ll be in shortly. While you’re doing that I’ll order lunch, seeing as you’re paying. I promise I won’t go overboard.’

‘I wouldn’t care if you did,’ I replied.

He leaned across the seat and kissed me. ‘Okay, now, go!’ he said.

*     *     *

When I stepped out of the shower and returned to the bedroom, with nothing but a towel wrapped around me, I found Aaron sitting on the edge of the bed.

As I entered the room I noticed him studying my every move. After looking me up and down he cocked his head to one side and said, ‘Damn, you look hotter than ever.’

‘Awww shucks . . . you sure have a way with words there pardner.’

‘Well, I used to date this writer fella and he learned me how to speak, like, all proper and stuff. Learned me everything I know, he did!’ he said, laying it on thicker as he went.

‘Must have been a real smart fella,’ I remarked as I started drying myself.

‘Yeah, he was. They tell me that these days he’s made it big, so I don’t ‘spect I’ll see him again.’

‘That’s too bad.’

‘Yeah, but I met this other fella though. Seems real nice so far.’

‘What’s he like . . . this other fella?’

‘Oh, he’s pretty hot. He wants to take it slow though . . .’

‘And that’s a bad thing?’

‘Oh no, it just shows he’s not like all the other vultures out there . . .’

‘All the others? Just how many vultures have you encountered?’

‘Not too many. They just didn’t ever measure up to the writer guy, though, so they never got very far.’

‘So you have pretty high standards then?’

‘Oh, absolutely.’

‘And do I measure up?’

‘Oh, definitely,’ he replied, in a sexy tone that made me pause for a moment and examine him.

Slowly Aaron unwound himself from where he was sitting and stood up, before walking toward me.

‘This writer guy,’ he said. ‘I remember he showed me something once that was pretty cool.’

‘Yeah? What was that?’

Reaching out toward me he took hold of the towel I was holding and pulled it from my grasp, before dropping it on the floor and leaving me standing there totally naked. Before I knew it I was finding myself growing hard as the tension between us also increased.

As he inched toward me, our eyes met and locked together. There was a hunger and a steely determination in his eyes that I hadn’t seen since my arrival. Aaron obviously knew what it was that he wanted, so who was I to deny him that?

While still holding me locked in his gaze I felt him reach out and wrap his hand around my growing manhood, while his other hand settled on my chest. We both let out a sigh as he did so, causing us both to then giggle, like a pair of naughty schoolboys.

‘That feels nice,’ I whispered, as his smooth hand ran around and up and down my shaft.

‘You feel nice too. Just how I remember you,’ he said, before he then let go and started lowering his body, while leaning forward and kissing first one nipple, then the other, then planting a trail of kisses down my body, until eventually he was on his knees in front of me, with his warm breath blowing gently across my rising cock.

‘There hasn’t been anyone else?’ he asked again.

‘No mate. Not a soul has been anywhere near there since our last night together,’ I answered truthfully.

At that comment he glanced back up at me, before he then smiled.

‘You’re the only one I’ve ever wanted. Take what is yours,’ I whispered.

And so he did . . . flicking his tongue across the end of my penis and licking off the pre-cum that I knew was oozing out of me, before then diving down on me, engulfing the head of my cock with his warm mouth.

Once more I found myself thinking that it was just like old times, as memories and feelings came flooding back into my brain. This wasn’t an act of making love, there was a passion, and a raw need involved here, as Aaron started chipping away at five years of pent-up frustration for both of us. He was an expert at this. He knew just how to please me and as he worked his magic, licking, teasing and sucking, I soon realised that he had forgotten nothing during the years that had passed.

After our earlier play, in front of the house on the hill, I knew I wouldn’t last for very long, as my balls were already aching for a release. As the moment approached I felt my body tense and just at that instant I noticed him glance up at my face. I saw the smile in his eyes and I knew that he knew also.

‘I’m getting close,’ I whimpered, as I held on to his shoulders, while trying to steady myself, which only caused him to speed up his ministrations. Moments later I knew the time had come, as my balls drew back and my cock started to jerk, before that familiar feeling overwhelmed me, as my semen began its journey from deep within my loins.

Rope after rope of my pent up juices shot from the end of my cock, flooding his mouth, as he sucked and sucked on me, trying in vain to swallow it all down. I could see it dribbling out from around my cock, wetting his cheeks and glistening in the light, while he still sucked and licked at me, trying to gather every last drop.

When he had eventually finished he sat back on his haunches and looked up at me, grinning.

‘Damn, you haven’t forgotten a thing,’ I gently teased, before taking his hands and urging him to stand. We were soon face to face and I leaned in toward him, kissing him on and around his lips, while at the same time sucking in what was left of my juices on his cheek and chin and sharing them with him, letting our tongues duel and battle against each other.

‘I don’t think I need lunch now,’ he teased when we eventually came up for air.

‘Well I certainly do!’ I replied. ‘After that work-out I’m starving.’

‘Then what are you waiting for? Get yourself dressed and let’s go!’ he said, so after we both went back to the bathroom for a quick wash, I pulled on some clean clothes and we set off for town.

*     *     *

As we drove into town I asked Aaron a couple of times where we were going, but he wouldn’t tell me, preferring instead to just flash me a quick grin or give me a wink.

I had to admit that I was intrigued by what his plans might be, but I had faith that he would choose wisely. What I wasn’t quite prepared for was him pulling his truck to a stop outside of Mrs Hamilton’s corner store.

‘Of all the places around Thompsonville you choose here?’ I gently teased him.

‘Well, you said I could have absolutely anything I wanted,’ he replied. ‘What’s wrong, isn’t Mrs Hammo’s food fancy enough for the big city boy? C’mon, let’s go in. She wants to see you.’

Opening our doors we both climbed out and I walked around to where Aaron stood, then I took his hand in mine, before we stepped up onto the footpath and then headed for the front door of the shop.

From the outside it still looked much as it always had, although like most of the town a new coat of paint had helped to brighten it up. I was pleased that the old billboard advertisement for Bushell’s tea that had always been on the side of the weatherboard building had been repainted as well. It was touches like that which I always thought added some charm and character to these old places.

Aaron pushed open the front door and the little bell that was attached to it rang, just as it always had. When we walked through the door I immediately noticed Mrs H. behind the counter, holding onto a cane hamper basket, complete with what looked to me like a red and white checkered table-cloth folded neatly on top.

‘Well, well, if this isn’t a sight for sore eyes,’ she said to us as we entered, clearly noticing that we were holding hands. ‘Two of my favourite boys back together again, eh? Lovely, just lovely,’ she enthused, before placing the hamper down on the counter and then stepped around it to come and greet us.

‘It’s great to see you, Mrs H.’ I said as we embraced and kissed each other on the cheek. I was suddenly glad that I had washed again before we came into town.

‘And it’s great to see you too, Tony,’ she replied. ‘Dan and Jake told me you were in town. So, by the look of you two, like this, do I take it you’re staying around?’

‘Just give us a little time to sort ourselves out,’ I replied. ‘Let’s just say that we’re a work in progress.’

While we continued to chat Aaron excused himself for a moment and headed for the drinks refrigerator.

‘You wouldn’t believe the difference in young Aaron these last few days since you’ve come back,’ she whispered to me, while placing one hand on my arm. ‘It’s great to see him like this again, so please take it easy with him. He’s been through quite a lot.’

‘I know,’ I answered. ‘And hurting him again is the last thing I would ever want to do.’

‘I know. As soon as I saw you take each other’s hand outside I just knew that things were going to work out.’

‘I hope you pair aren’t whispering about me?’ we heard Aaron say as he came back to us, all smiles and carrying an oversized bottle of Coca Cola.

‘Oh no, honey. We’re just catching up on old times,’ Mrs H. answered. ‘Now your hamper is all packed and ready to go, with everything you asked for,’ she added, while picking it up and holding it out for him.

‘He’s paying,’ Aaron quickly said.

I went to pull my wallet from my pocket but was quickly stopped.

‘Oh no. Not this time,’ Mrs H. said. ‘This one’s on me. It’s worth it just to see you two together again, and besides, considering the amount of business I’ve received thanks to you and your stories I think you’ll be getting free hampers for the next five years! Now, you boys go and have a good time. You belong together, so I really hope you can both work it all out. It’s nice to have you back in town, Tony, and it would be even nicer if you decided to stick around and hook up with this young scallywag . . . someone needs to keep him on the straight and narrow . . . no, hang on, that was a bad choice of words. I meant, keep him in line!’

‘Thank you Mrs H.’ I replied. ‘That means a lot to me. We’ll be sure to let you know how we get on.’

‘You do that! Now, go have your picnic and enjoy your afternoon!’ she said, while making shooing motions with her hands, and chasing us out of her shop.

When the door was closed behind us I turned to Aaron and smiled. ‘You wanted a picnic?’ I asked. ‘Of all the things you could have had, you wanted a picnic!’

‘Why not?’ he asked, almost sounding hurt. ‘Besides, you don’t know where we’re going yet.’

‘Wherever it is it will be wonderful, I’m sure,’ I said as I walked to the passenger side door and climbed into the truck, nursing the hamper.

I watched Aaron as he walked to the driver’s door and opened it, then climbed in.

‘You all set?’ he asked me.

‘Ready as I’ll ever be, I guess.’

With a wink he then started the truck and pulled out onto the road, heading toward the centre of town.

Being early on a Monday afternoon in a small country town there weren’t a lot of people around on the streets, for which I was thankful, even if the school holidays were still in full swing. At the end of the next block Aaron turned and headed toward the lake. I looked across at him with raised eyebrows, but said nothing.

When we reached the end of this block we found ourselves at a car park, where Aaron pulled his truck into an empty spot not too far from what had always been our favourite picnic table, situated on a low hill and beneath a huge old Moreton Bay Fig tree, where we would once sit for hours on end and watch the goings on out on the lake.

‘I see our table is free,’ he said to me. ‘Care to join me for lunch?’

‘Don’t mind if I do!’ I replied.

We opened our doors and stepped out, then started the short walk across the park to our table, hand in hand. It wasn’t so long ago that doing that could have landed us in the shit, one way or another, but having witnessed other same sex couples doing the exact same thing over the past few days I had no qualms about displaying affection for Aaron while in an environment that was, if not supportive, then it was at least tolerant of such actions.

It looked like times had certainly changed around here now. The guys had been reminding me that I was in fact the catalyst for that change, which I still found to be something I was having difficulty getting my head around, but the way I figured it was that any change from which positives came had to be worthwhile.

‘I’ve always loved this spot,’ Aaron said to me as we came to a halt at the table.

‘Me too,’ I said, while placing the hamper on the table, then unfurling the tablecloth. ‘It’s always been a great spot to just sit and think and watch the world go by. I used to come here sometimes just to write.’

‘I know.’

Taking a look inside the hamper I soon found that there appeared to be enough food to feed a small army. Sitting on top of the basket was a large plate filled with freshly made mixed sandwiches, covered in cling wrap to protect them from the elements. I took that out and placed the plate on the table.

Below that I found several plastic containers with lids, the first of which I soon found to be filled with crackers, cheese and dip, all in their own separate compartments. I sat that down on one side of the tablecloth, before reaching back into the hamper and pulling out another container that was filled with fresh fruit salad, all neatly diced, then yet another container filled with home made cakes and slices.

To one side there were six small bottles of a sparkling grape juice — non-alcoholic of course — then at the bottom of the basket I found all the serving utensils, plates, glasses, napkins and condiments we could possibly need.

When I had finished unpacking everything I stood back and looked it all over and let out a low whistle.

‘Impressive, huh?’ Aaron asked. ‘Mrs H. does dozens of these every week through the peak tourist seasons. I knew she would come good for me today.’

‘Yeah, mate, I’m certainly impressed,’ I replied.

I picked up two of the bottles of sparkling juice, opened them both and handed him one, choosing to ignore the fancy glasses that had been carefully placed in the basket, as any self-respecting Australian guy would do.

‘She sure knows how to look after you,’ I said, then clinking my bottle gently with his added, ‘Here’s to us!’

‘Yeah. To us!’ he replied.

As we both raised the bottles to our lips our eyes locked once more. I think we both knew then that this was for keeps, this was the start of something new and exciting for both of us, even if the finer details were yet to be sorted.

To be continued . . .

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