A Good Place 50

a good place beach 3 Chapter Fifty

When the show had finished an eerie silence seemed to follow, though as we watched the clouds of smoke from the fireworks slowly drift away on the warm breeze, the silence was gradually replaced by the sounds we were familiar with; the sounds of waves crashing against rocks below the light house, the sounds of traffic as the partygoers began to make their way home, and the sounds of our own heartbeats as I continued to hold Aaron firmly in my arms.

I was leaning back against a tree, with Aaron sitting between my legs. With his back against my chest, my chin resting on his shoulder and my arms wrapped tightly around him it was as if we had become one.

We were still sitting in the same spot from where we had enjoyed the show, on the grassy slope just on the town side of the picnic area, and below the high point of the headland, where the lighthouse continued to stand guard over the town, just as it had done for more than one hundred years.

‘Thank you,’ Aaron whispered, as we watched the lines of traffic creep slowly away from the centre of town.

‘For what?’

‘For everything,’ he replied. ‘For coming back. For staying. For giving us another chance . . . even when all I wanted to do was push you away.’

‘I wasn’t taking a chance, as far as I was concerned. From the day I arrived back here and first saw you I knew I still loved you. I knew I had to do everything I could to set things right with you and prove to you that I loved you . . . for now and forever more.’

Aaron leaned sideways, then twisted his body and turned his head toward mine. We were now gazing into each other’s eyes and I could see him grinning at me in the moonlight.

‘Like I said,’ he whispered. ‘Thank you,’ then he leaned forward and placed his lips over mine.

*   *   *

I barely slept through the night, as I continued to lean against the tree and with Aaron still cradled in my arms. It was a warm night, one of those nights where you would, if sleeping inside, have the fans or air-conditioner on, but out here the temperature wasn’t what you would call uncomfortable.

With the sounds of the parties having long since faded away, and now barely more than memories from another day, I sat and listened to the sound of Aaron breathing, along with the other sounds that were happening around us, and I can only say that what I felt was total peace.

As the thought crossed my mind about what sounds would be being heard back at Avalon about now I couldn’t help but chuckle quietly to myself as I imagined the constant droning sound of Ben snoring away, for starters. Somehow, though, given the amount of alcohol that was consumed last night I suspect that there would be more than just a few bodies who would be emitting those same sounds right about now, so there would probably be very few who would wake this morning to offer any complaint about him anyhow.

It was in that last few hours of the pre-dawn, when everything is a dull grey and the new day is little more than a promise on the far off horizon, that the temperature began to fall. Aaron seemed to roll sideways in my arms, as if trying to cuddle up to something to try and get warm, and ended up turning and lying almost flat against my body, chest to chest with me and with his arms now reaching around me. As I ran my hands up and down his back I realised that we were in fact keeping each other warm, and with his body against mine in the way that it was, it was having another effect, one which was generating enough heat of its own, at least within my own body.

Glancing down at him I could just make out a familiar bulge in his pants, visible only because of shadows, and could see that he had the same issue to deal with. I couldn’t help but to reach down and run my hand over the firmness that I knew was just wanting to break free from its confines. That would come later though. Perhaps this morning. Perhaps tonight. But I knew I would once again enjoy the feel and texture and taste of what he was, for now, keeping hidden.

Shortly before dawn an early rising kookaburra decided to greet the new day with gusto, from a perch that seemed to be directly above us, laughing loudly and for some period, before eventually flying off once Aaron and I stirred and rolled over to take a look at the offending creature.

Was he laughing at us, I wondered? Or was he laughing to celebrate the new day? Who knows . . . but we were all now well and truly awake.

‘Good morning, sunshine,’ I said to Aaron when I noticed him gazing up into my face, an expression of slight confusion etched into his features at first, at least until he realised where he was and how he had landed here.

‘Good morning to you, too,’ he answered.

‘Sleep well?’

‘Like a log.’

‘Yeah, that’s about what you felt like all night,’ I chuckled.

‘You held me all night?’ he enquired.

‘There was no way I was letting you go, babe.’

‘Thank you,’ he said, then reached up and placed a hand around the back of my neck, pulling my face toward his, until presently our lips met once more.

When we finally came up for air a few minutes later he pulled his head back and looked at me with a lop-sided grin, which I knew immediately meant he had something in mind.

‘Now what?’ I asked him.

‘I’m ready now,’ he said quietly. ‘I know I haven’t made it very easy for you since you’ve come back, but I want to prove to you that I mean it when I say I love you too.’

‘You know that you don’t have to prove a bloody thing to me.’

‘Maybe not, but I want to. No . . . I need to. It has been how long? Five years, since we made love beneath the trees down near our beach? That’s a long time to be apart from the one person in the world that can make you, or me, happy. I’m sorry that I’ve stalled this week, but until now, until last night, I haven’t been ready.’

‘It wouldn’t matter if it took another five years. So long as I’m with you, that’s all I care about.’

‘You may say that now, but eventually you would want to fuck me,’ he teased.

‘Oh, you’re such a romantic!’ I chuckled. ‘And believe me, I want to fuck you all right. But what I’m saying is that even if I didn’t ever get to do that again, I’d still be right there by your side.’

‘I know. And I love you for that.’

‘Just that?’ I joked.

‘Oh no . . . not just that. There’s actually lots to love about you, you know.’

‘I’m so pleased to hear that,’ I chuckled.

‘Yeah. For starters, there’s also this,’ he added, while placing a hand over the bulge in my pants and giving me a gentle squeeze.

I let out a soft moan, which only seemed to encourage him, as he started to massage me with gusto.

‘Don’t start something you’re not prepared to finish,’ I scolded.

He didn’t reply, but I could see him grinning in the dim light, just before I felt him fumbling with my belt and then the fastener and zipper of my pants.

‘Are you sure about this?’ I asked him.

He paused for just a second and said, ‘Absolutely,’ before going straight back to work on removing my clothing. ‘I can’t explain it. I’ve waited too long as it is. I need this. I need you inside me . . . and right now!’

I let him go for it, while at the same time I reached up and started on the buttons of his shirt.

Somehow we soon found ourselves standing up, while clothes began to fall to the ground around us. Our lips were locked together, as our hands began exploring each other’s bodies. The touch of the chilly morning air on our skin had us feeling instantly alive, and the promise of what was to come was all the incentive we needed to let any inhibitions we may have had about outdoor sex, in plain view of anyone who may happen along at such an ungodly hour, get carried away on the morning breeze.

My hands travelled down Aaron’s body and soon came to rest on his hips, before one hand eagerly sought out his manhood, that impressive feature that I had already had the privilege of handling this week, but had yet to feel inside me. All in good time, I thought, as I grasped it firmly and began to manipulate it, much to Aaron’s delight, judging by the sounds he was making. That wasn’t my goal, however, as I soon let go of him and let my hand slip between his legs, eagerly searching along the cleft for my ultimate prize. At the same time I was gently guiding him around so that he had his back against the smooth bark of the sturdy young tree that I had previously been leaning against. While I was doing this he spat in his hand, then rubbed the liquid over my own cock, slicking it up for what was obviously going to come.

The hunger that I was sensing in him, the urgency with which he wanted what he saw as being rightfully his, and that which I had long ago realised could never belong to anyone else, was palpable. That it was going to happen, right here and now, was a given. The only question, in my mind at least, was just how this would be achieved.

We both knew that this wasn’t going to be a slow, gentle and pleasurable love making session, which would result in a euphoric release of built up tension, only to be followed by the holding of each other in our arms until we rocked each other to sleep. Oh, no! This was going to be something different entirely. Something almost primitive, or animalistic, like two animals rutting in the forest, or fucking in some back-alley, which could quite possibly find us, at the point of climax, both howling at that last sliver of moon that was about to dip behind the mountains to the west of us.

As we groped and kissed and explored each other a plan began to form in my mind as to how this might just happen, but it seemed that Aaron already had other ideas.

Pulling me close to him, while leaning back against the tree and with both of his hands firmly clasped together behind my neck, Aaron raised one leg up to where his knee was resting on the point of my hip, then quickly raised the other as well, holding onto me tightly and taking me totally by surprise as he locked his legs together around me.

I quickly pulled my head back and said, ‘What the fuck?’, but he just grinned back at me, with a mischievous glint in his eye, then planted his lips upon mine once more to silence me.

It was lucky that I was bigger than him, being slightly taller and heavier, even if he was the more toned and muscular. With him holding onto me, with my hands now under his thighs as well, and while also using the tree behind him, I was able to keep him in that same position as we continued to make out. Before long, however, he began to wriggle around in my arms. At first I was wondering what he was doing, but when I felt my cock spring free from where it had been trapped between us, I finally realised just what his plan was.

Staring into each other’s eyes we both knew what was now going to happen, each understanding the other and without a word needing to be spoken.

With just the slightest of nods Aaron indicated his intention, and when he slipped downwards just slightly I soon found the point of my cock was nestled neatly into the cleft between his buttocks. He arched himself slightly and wriggled some more, and when he stopped, the grin on his face told me all I needed to know. He was right where he needed to be.

Slowly he started moving around in my arms, in a slight circular motion, his face now a study of concentration. I could feel the heat of him on my tip as his body slowly began to engulf the end of my penis, working deeper into him.

His eyes were closed, tightly, and moments later I saw him grimace, at the exact same moment that I felt his sphincter open and I slipped inside him.

‘Ohhh . . . sweet Jesus,’ he muttered, before then resting there for a moment, his head upon my shoulder.

‘Are you okay?’ I whispered directly into his ear.

‘Better than ever,’ he softly replied.

I let him rest there for a few moments more, just letting him get used to the feel of having me inside him once more, but when he started to move again, once more in that same circular motion, as if trying to slowly work his way south, I knew it was my turn to move.

Slowly I arched my back and pushed upwards, pushing into him. Between gritted teeth he let out a long, tortured breath, but soon quieted.

Once more I arched upwards. And then again. Each time I could feel myself slide into him just a little more and each time he would let out some exclamation, either through gritted teeth, or by saying something which his mother most probably didn’t teach him.

Before long I had built up into a steady rhythm, with both of us having found positions which made it easy. Aaron was leaning back against the tree, his legs splayed outwards and with my hands supporting him under his thighs, while he continued to clasp his hands tightly behind my neck. This allowed for me to easily rock back and forth, thrusting deep into him without any risk of us collapsing. The only danger that I could see, was that the longer we went the more jelly-like my arms and legs were becoming.

After what seemed an incredibly long period of time, although was probably no more than a few minutes in reality, I felt the beginnings of that old familiar feeling start to build up inside me. I began to speed up, grunting now with each thrust into him, while between us I could see his own erection beginning to jerk and spasm.

We were both now quite close to cumming it seemed, both growing louder and louder from our exertions, and that earlier vision I had of two animals rutting came flooding back to me. What a sight this would be for anyone who may have happened across us.

‘I’m . . . I’m . . . about to blow,’ I said through gritted teeth.

‘Me . . . unngghh . . . too,’ came the tortured reply. And then it happened, our simultaneous orgasms as the rush of semen shot from my loins, splattering rope after rope of fluid inside him, while he came with a rush as well, with such force that his precious seed splattered against my chin, then across his chest and stomach, only to be squashed between us as I collapsed against him, totally spent.

I felt my legs tremble beneath me and before either of us could react I collapsed onto my knees, and then we fell sideways onto the soft grass, with Aaron still being held tightly and my cock still implanted deeply inside him. As we hit the ground we rolled apart slightly and my cock slipped from inside him.

‘Holy fuck!’ he yelled, as the cold morning suddenly air filled his gaping hole, from which I could already see my juices beginning to flow out of.

‘Are you okay?’ I anxiously asked.

‘I already told you . . . I’m better than ever,’ he replied, then started to giggle.

‘Oh, god I love you!’ I said to him as I picked him up into my arms and held him tightly.

‘I love you too, Tony. More than life itself.’

As I hugged him and held him to me I knew, finally, that the last thing that had been standing between us, that had been testing our relationship — his inability to finally give himself to me — was now too a distant memory. And when the first hint of colour finally appeared in the morning, bathing our naked bodies in a warm orange glow he grinned up at me.

‘Looks like you’re stuck with me now,’ he added.

‘Lucky I found us somewhere to live then, isn’t it?’ I cheekily replied.

A frown quickly came over his features, but just as quickly it was replaced by a smile.

‘Are you serious? Where?’

‘Come on, I’ll show you.’

He was on his feet in an instant and holding his hand out for me, which I quickly took, then allowed him to drag me to my feet.

I reached down and picked up my clothes, not bothering to pull them back on, at least for now, then Aaron did the same, before once more I reached out for his hand and started dragging him toward the lighthouse on the hill above us. I knew there was a telescope there, which had been set up for tourists so they could look up and down the coast line, and from there I felt sure we would have an awesome view of our new home.

‘What are we doing?’

‘You’ll see,’ I said to him.

As we climbed the path toward the building the eastern sky was a kaleidoscope of colour that the dawn was bringing with it. We looked out over the ocean and could see the sun trying to break through the far off banks of cloud, with the fingers of God reaching down through them to strike the sea.

‘It’s beautiful, isn’t it?’ Aaron said as we passed by the whitewashed walls of the old light house, which gave us an uninterrupted view.

‘It sure is,’ I replied. ‘Everything about this place is beautiful.’

‘So, what are you going to show me?’ he asked impatiently.

I walked slowly over to the telescope and spun it around, so that it was pointing toward the sleepy town below us, taking my time to first zero in on something on the far side of the lake for a moment. I then glanced back at Aaron, who was watching me with a confused expression on his face.

‘Quit jerking me around,’ he demanded.

It was true, I was jerking him around, but to tell you the truth, I was actually just waiting for the right moment. I knew that any minute now the sun would break through the far off cloud and the coastline on which we stood would be bathed in a brilliant dawn light, lighting up everything in its way, and as I glanced up at the top of the light house I could see that moment was about to arrive, as the whitewashed walls were beginning to shine brilliantly.

I looked back toward the property that would soon be ours, and even as I looked that way I could see it becoming brighter and brighter as the final vestiges of darkness fell away and the rays of the sun struck the white walls of the house and outbuildings.

The scene was captivating.

Quickly I spun the telescope away from where I had it pointed and focused it on the house.

‘Okay then,’ I said. ‘Time is up. No more jerking you around. Why don’t you take a look at your new home?’

Aaron looked at me, then in the general direction of where the telescope was pointing, frowning slightly as he did so, but then stepping up to the scope. Cautiously he leaned in and looked down the long, tarnished brass tube.

As the full realisation dawned on him a huge smile came over his face.

‘For real?’ he asked as he turned toward me.

‘Abso-fucking-lutely,’ I answered. ‘They finally accepted an offer, yesterday. It’s going to be ours.’

‘Oh, fuck!’ he squealed, then threw his arms around me and hugged me tightly. ‘I can’t believe it.’

‘Get used to it, babe. It’s going to be our very own home sweet home. Yours and mine, and nothing can take it away from us.’

He kissed me repeatedly, and hugged me tightly, then buried his face into the base of my neck. I felt his body give a couple of jerks, then heard what sounded like a muffled sob.

‘Heyyyy,’ I said. ‘What’s wrong?’

Pulling back slightly he looked up at me. His eyes were moist, and I could also feel some dampness on my shoulder.

‘I’m s-s-sorry,’ he stammered. ‘It’s just, oh, I don’t know . . .’

‘Ssshhh . . . it’s okay. You’ve got nothing to worry about. You’re with me now, and that’s all that matters.’

‘Fuck . . . I just love you so much,’ he sobbed. I just pulled him close to me and held him.

*   *   *

After what seemed like an eternity we finally decided that we needed to head back, so I took Aaron’s hand in mine and the two of us turned our backs on the sunrise and the myriad of colours that still washed the dawn sky.

We took one last look at the white house on the distant hill, which we now knew would soon be ours. There was something almost ethereal about the sight of it, a brilliant white, framed against the dark green of the jacaranda trees which stood behind it, and the mountains behind that, all bathed in a shaft of golden, early morning sun light.

Aaron looked at me and smiled, then we started our journey back to where our family and friends were no doubt still sleeping. Hand in hand we sought out the head of the path that would take us from the headland, feeling strangely liberated to be walking outdoors, still naked, and this close to town.

Not a word was said as we descended from the peak, for we both knew the significance of this new dawn. It was more than just the start of a new day. It was the start of our new lives. Lives which both of us had only ever dreamed of.

When we reached the beach we decided to take a quick early morning dip, to clean ourselves up before we headed back to the house, then after we had dressed we made the trek back through the bushland to Avalon.

Things were all quiet on this Sunday morning, unless you count the endless zzzzz’s being emitted by some of the campers.

There was a tendril of smoke rising from where the bonfire had been and we found a few coals still glowing when we reached it, so we scavenged around and found a few sticks with which to get the fire going once more and Aaron carefully fanned it back to life. As I settled back against an old stump I watched as the flames grew higher and he threw some larger sticks on it and fairly soon it was going strong once more.

When he was finally satisfied with the fire he came and joined me, sitting down between my legs once more and with his back against my chest while I hugged him to me.

‘Have you told the others yet?’ he quietly asked.

‘Only Luke,’ I replied, to which he simply nodded, understanding full well that it was likely I would have confided in my closest relative with whom I shared almost everything.

‘And what about your brother and sister?’

‘What about them?’

‘There would be plenty of room there for them to live with us as well, wouldn’t there?’

‘Are you saying that it would be okay if they did?’

‘Yeah, I think it would be great . . . if they wanted to, of course.’

‘That’s sweet of you.’

‘Family is important,’ he simply replied.

‘Yes. Yes it is. How about we take them up and show them the place this morning?’

‘That’s fine by me,’ he answered, before twisting in my arms and kissing my cheek.

After that we sat in silence and watched the flames in front of us, while listening to the morning as it slowly came alive. Eventually a few heads ventured out of some of the tents and a few souls joined us around the fire.

When we heard the back door on the house slam shut we looked up and noticed Matt and Luke on the back deck. They waved to us, then stepped down off the deck and started toward us.

 To be continued . . .

14 Responses to A Good Place 50

  1. Mike, Liverpool UK says:

    Great chapters, wish they were longer LOL.

  2. DKW from Germany says:

    I love your story and can`t wait to read more

  3. Tom says:

    Hi Mark
    Another three great chapters!! Finally a conformation of Tony and Aarons love and the revelation of the purchase of the house. Now on to their future!!
    I look forward to the next chapters.
    I hope you are feeling better now !!
    All the best

    • ponyboy63 says:

      Thank you Tom. I still have a few issues, but I’m on the mend. 🙂
      Not too many chapters left now, so you’ll soon find out what the future holds for the boys!

  4. Glynn says:

    Good Morning Mark

    Yes, it’s morning here in the lower lands of the mountain state of West Virginia.
    You always out do yourself in your stories. This one, especially holds so many wonderful thoughts which seem to run around in my mind. As Tom said, I too, look forward to the next chapter. How it could container greater thoughts and emotions, I don’t know, but I’m sure it will.
    Many thanks for all that you have given to us out here in this world.

    All the best to you and those you hold dear to you.


  5. Bill says:

    Boy this was a ‘hot’ chapter. I finally got caught with the guys. Saying I love this story is an understatement. All of which Marc has written is all good.

  6. Marc says:

    Finally! Aaron & Tony have consummated their love all over again. I’m anxious now for them to get moved in and the shelter started for the less fortunate LGBT . LOL, Marc

  7. Chet Thompson says:

    Not only the Consummation here, but telling him of the House— AWESOME, and almost anticipate that Tony will be on the RECEIVING END WHEN THEY MOVE IN— and the possibility of the siblings there are good.
    Somehow I think I see maybe Jess and Kellie helping in the Shelter, and probably Zack will either become the FIRST Tenant of the Shelter OR MAYBE the ‘ADOPTED SON’ of AARON & TONY!!!

    Sometimes Mark, you lead us to believe we know where you are heading, and at others you are point blank on them, such is what I see as what you have hinted about— and the possible additional problem of ZACK’S LAST NAME— and the fact he is Rebecca’s Brother!!! We’ll happily wait for Thursday for the answer to that one!!!

    Mark, Hope you are taking care of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ponyboy63 says:

      Thanks Chet. What can I say … but I guess it’s all finally starting to fall into place! 😉
      As you’ve probably noticed, I always try to give readers a few things to think about, even if I don’t always follow up on every thread or idea I put in their minds and carry those threads through to a conclusion. I find by doing that it leaves a bit for later … maybe another story etc.
      I also like adding a few twists and turns … and I’m going to be especially interested to hear your comments when you read the final chapter! 😉
      Thank you for your input along the way … I really enjoy hearing ideas and suggestions from all you guys! 🙂

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