After We Danced

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Chapter Six  ~  Chapter Seven  ~  Chapter Eight  ~  Chapter Nine  ~  Chapter Ten  ~
Chapter Eleven  ~  Chapter Twelve  ~  Chapter Thirteen  ~  Chapter Fourteen  ~

When you’ve grown up with someone beside you every step of the way, he’s going to be more than just your best friend . . . he’s your partner in crime, he’s your brother in arms, and he’s so much more!
But when you are seventeen years old and you come to the realisation that you are gay, is this something you can share with him? Would he accept you for who you are, or would he turn you away?
Or would his reaction be something entirely different? Perhaps he might have a secret of his own?
   There’s only one way you’re going to find out . . . and after that, well, who can know just what surprises might be in store for you?

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