Dreams Do Come True

* First posted on Nifty.org around 2000


I remember the night you first appeared to me.

I remember it well.

I was laying in the darkness. Alone, and sobbing quietly to my self at the prospect of yet another night alone. When I opened my eyes, at your urging, and found you sitting on the end of my bed I was scared out of my wits.

I can remember jumping back and hitting my head on the end of the bed.

“Who are you?” I almost screamed at you.

“I’m your fairy god-mother Peter, I’m here to help you.”

“Yeah right, and I’m really Peter Pan” I snapped back.

You just smiled at me. And it made me even more nervous.

“What do you want?”

“Only to help you through your troubled times.”

“And what troubled times are those?” I asked. You then proceeded to tell me more about myself than even I thought I knew. And that was the scariest thing of all.

You knew about the time that I almost set fire to the house when I was nine years old. You knew about the time that I stole the lollies from the corner store (both times). And you knew about the time that I went home from school with my friend Paul one lunchtime and we played show and tell.

You knew it all. But even after telling me all that, I still looked at you through doubting, uncertain eyes.

“Prove it,” I challenged.

You just smiled at me and said, “Alright then, name your fantasy.”

“Oh, boy I’d really like to but I don’t know if you’ll want to hear this one.” I answered rather sheepishly.

“I’m your fairy god-mother Peter. So try me,” you added. “You might be surprised.”

And so, reluctantly I told you my tale. I told you my inner most secret, my most heartfelt desire, all the while hoping like hell that you wouldn’t be too disgusted not to grant it for me.

*   *   *   *   *

We were on a school camp, and Bernie was a good friend of mine, but he was in the year above me at school. It was late at night, and for some reason we both found ourselves in the shower block at the same time.

We each stood beneath the stream of hot water coming from our own shower nozzles. I could hear the water splashing against the sides of the shower cubicle next door to me, and down onto the cement floor as Bernie cleansed himself. I had never wished harder in all my life to be a drop of water, than at that moment.

The water was steaming hot and I was washing myself, soaping up my crotch and feeling the firmness of my own meat, thinking about what I’d like to be doing with the boy next door. I didn’t hear the change in the sound from Bernie’s cubicle. Unbeknown to me the water had stopped. I don’t know what it was that made me look around, but I did, and nearly dropped the soap when I saw Bernie standing there behind me, his hand gently rubbing his own crotch, caressing a semi hard penis.

I was scared. Too scared to move. This was something, which I had fantasised about ever since I had first met him and now that the opportunity had presented itself I was too scared to move.

“Shit”, I thought to myself, trembling and slowly turning away from the best opportunity I’d had in a long while, not knowing what I should do.

I thought for a moment, and after sensing that my own penis had risen to the occasion, telling me what it was I should do, I then turned back to face my friend.

There was no one there.

“Fuck,” I thought to myself.

I stuck my head out from the cubicle and looked towards the stools where our clothes sat. Bernie was there drying himself off and didn’t notice me staring at him. I studied him for a long while. That firm ass and golden body. Those bulging biceps and strong shoulders. It was difficult to believe he was just seventeen. I had never seen a body like that up to that point in time, and come to think of it I haven’t ever seen one like that since.

He turned around towards me, a gentle smile on his face. I grinned back, then once again overcome by shyness nervously retreated into the cubicle, and that is where I stayed.

He finished dressing and I heard the sound of his boots on the hard floor. They grew softer and softer and before long there was only the sound of the water still running over my body.

I fumbled for the tap and turned it off, then stepped out into the emptiness and dried myself off, before dressing and slowly making my way back to the caravan where I found my friend already in his bed. I don’t know if he was still awake or not, but I guessed he would have been.

Neither of us has ever spoken of that night from that day to this, but there has hardly ever been a day go by when I hadn’t thought, “What if?”

*   *   *   *   *

You were silent for a long while after I had finished speaking. You showed no emotions at all and I could only guess what it was you were thinking. When you spoke it was without bitterness or disgust. Surprisingly you spoke with what seemed to me to be compassion.

“Your wish then is to relive that night?” you asked kindly.

I nodded and a smile came over your face.

“Your wish is granted,” and with that there was a puff of smoke and you were gone. I rubbed my eyes, but the smoke was still there and when finally it had cleared I could feel the coldness of the wet cement under my feet and hear the running of water in a shower.

The smoke became steam and believe it or not I was back in that shower block and the year was 1980, not 2001.

“Hurry up or I’ll take all the hot water,” I heard a familiar voice say.

Looking down at myself, I found that I was wearing nothing but a towel. This was getting weirder and weirder by the minute. Slowly I edged over towards the shower cubicle and there he was, just as I remembered him all those years ago, his body the picture of perfection I’d always remembered it to be.

I walked towards the shower cubicle and as I did so I passed a mirror, mounted firmly on the wall. It was covered with a thin coating of mist but as I passed it something didn’t look quite right. I stopped and wiped my hand over its cold surface and then realised what it was that was wrong when I saw my own reflection. I was seventeen again and I was speechless.

“You gonna take a shower or what?” I heard him ask. We looked at each other; his eyes were just as dark and mysterious as I’d remembered them to be. I simply nodded.

“Good,” he answered.

I pulled off the towel, which was wrapped around me and threw it over onto the stool where, much to my surprise I found all my clothes sitting. Then slowly I headed into the second cubicle and turned on the steaming hot water, letting it run through my hair and down over my body, letting it warm me right through. For a moment I almost forgot why I was here, but with little prompting I felt my loins stirring, just as they had done those many years ago.

I reached for the soap and lathered up my crotch, enjoying the firmness of my own meat, thinking about what I’d like to be doing with the boy next door. I didn’t hear the change in the sound from Bernie’s cubicle. Unbeknown to me the water had stopped. I don’t know what it was that made me look around, but I did, and nearly dropped the soap when I saw Bernie standing there behind me, his hand gently rubbing his own crotch, caressing a semi hard penis.

I froze – yet again, but this time I wasn’t going to make the same mistake. I faced him and took my penis in hand, rubbing my hand over its full length. Bernie did likewise and I motioned with my head for him to come into the cubicle with me.

He smiled, stepping forward to join me, our faces so close they almost touched, our bodies so close they brushed against one another, sending shivers down my spine. I placed a hand on his shoulder and pulled him yet closer, leaning my head into his. Our lips touched, tentatively at first, then with all the eagerness of the teenagers we were we ground into each other, our tongues exploring each other mouths, our hands exploring what had been, until now, forbidden territory. We were hungry for each other.

It was better than I had ever imagined it to be, the feeling of someone so close, touching you, wanting you, was like nothing I had ever imagined. As the hot water continually ran over our writhing bodies we explored territory that we had only ever dreamed of.

Bernie pushed me back against the wall of the cubicle and quickly dropped to his knees. His mouth found its way to the end of my penis and he quickly swallowed the full length of my meat, his lips moving down along it and sending a shiver through my loins, which ran the full length of my spine.

The pressure was building; I could feel it, as Bernie moved his mouth up and down my full length. He reached the head of my meat and sucked on it as it slipped from his mouth. The feeling was unreal, I thought I was going to explode, then he tantalised me by licking my meat down its full length. When he reached my balls his mouth opened and wrapped around one of them. He sucked hard on it and I closed my eyes as a shudder went through my entire body and then, when I thought it couldn’t possibly get any better my friend slipped his hand between my legs, gently running his fingers along the crack of my ass until he reached my tender butthole.

His lips ran back up to the head of my penis and once again wrapped themselves around my hardened meat as his fingers played for a moment around the edges of my hole, with my ass quivering with anticipation, then gently he started pushing a finger into the recess. It was a tight fit at first but as my body grew used to the intrusion I could feel the tension there ebb away and his finger began to move in and out with ease.

My body shook as the pressure once again built up in my loins. His lips were wrapped around my penis and his finger was moving in and out of my hole and my balls felt as if they were on fire. I thought briefly about the feelings I got when I wanked myself and then thought that there was no way that could be compared to this.

Bernie seemed to sense that I was on fire and his motions quickened, his head bobbing up and down on my meat and his fingers moving rhythmically in and out. I was going to explode, I could feel it, and the moment was drawing closer and closer.

I groaned as I felt the first sensation of ejaculation and then moments later the juice rushed forth, being pumped along the full length of my meat and into the well of Bernie’s mouth.

He sucked and sucked as my cum filled his mouth, the relief was enormous and the feeling was sensational, unlike anything I had ever experienced. When finally he had finished sucking me out I relaxed back against the wall of the shower and he licked the head of my meat, his tongue sending renewed shivers through my body and when his finger was pulled from my butt hole I shook all over.

I closed my eyes and slowly I felt him pull away and stand up, licking my stomach and chest, running the tip of his tongue around the edge of my nipples and moving slowly ever upwards.

His own meat, hard and inviting, brushed against me and tentatively I reached for it, taking it in my hand just as his mouth met mine. I pushed my tongue through his lips and his mouth opened and it was then that I got my first ever taste of cum as my own cream ran back down into my mouth, being pushed along by his tongue. The saltiness surprised me but I enjoyed the taste all the same and when Bernie’s hand gently stroked my neck I swallowed.

We kissed for a few moments more as I continually wanked him and then slowly he put his hands on my shoulders and motioned for me to turn around. Slowly I did so, a little nervous about his intentions. His hand once again reached down between the cheeks of my ass, his fingers tenderly searching for my butt hole. When he found it the tip of a finger was gently pushed inside as the tender flesh quivered. His body leant against mine, I could feel his hardened penis pushing against my skin, although he didn’t try to enter me with it just yet, he kept pushing his finger in and out, trying to loosen me up a little.

I groaned when he pushed a second finger in as well, pushing deep into me and when these were slipping in and out with ease, my butt hole quivering with excitement, he pulled the fingers from my recess and replaced them with the head of his delicious penis. He was gentle, for which I was grateful, but with some firmness he pushed his head inside me. I groaned and a tear came to my eyes, that first thrust was painful, sending a shudder through my body and he soon withdrew, but this only left my butt hole twitching for more.

He soaped up his meat and once again he pushed, this time going deeper into me. Once again there was the shot of pain which sent a jolt through my body, but it was easier on me this time and he pushed a little further in before starting to pull out. This time he didn’t come all the way out though, when the head of his meat reached my butt hole he stopped and then started pushing again, going deeper again before starting to withdraw.

By now things were moving easily and he started moving his penis in and out as my body shook with some excitement. The motions grew harder and harder, faster and faster and my groans became louder and louder. He was becoming frenzied in his motions and I could feel the tension building inside him. The moment was drawing near, I could feel it and when at last he started to moan himself I knew he was about to cum.

I felt the shudder go through his body when he exploded and felt his heat inside me. This was a night of new experiences for me, leaving me hungry for much, much more of the same.

When finally we parted, both of us collapsing onto the floor of the cubicle, we were spent. We smiled at each other and I reached forward, running my fingers through his thick black hair.

“I never knew it could feel so good,” I said to him almost breathlessly. He just smiled back, taking my hand and kissing my fingers.

“I’ve been waiting for this night for quite a while,” he whispered. “I only hope I don’t have to wait as long for the next time.”

“Not a chance,” I whispered back to him.

We embraced and I moved my body around to be next to him, placing my arm around him and pulling him to me. He leant against my chest, his hand over my heart, and in that position I think we fell asleep, with the hot water still cascading down over us.

*   *   *   *   *

When I finally awoke, sitting bolt upright, I was back in my own bed once again. I remembered every detail of what had happened, realising that it must have only been a dream. I looked around me. It was morning and the sun was shining through the windows. I looked around me. There was no fairy godmother, there was no shower cubicle and there was no cold wet cement. There was no Bernie either, and that was the worst of it. Reluctantly I dragged myself from bed to get ready for work.

The day dragged on and on, I couldn’t get my dream out of my head. I wondered where Bernie was now, the last I had heard he was flying aeroplanes somewhere up in Queensland. Maybe I could find out from one of his brothers or sisters, whom I knew still lived in town. When finally the day was over I dragged myself home, parking the car in the carport of the flat I lived in and heading first to the mailbox at the front of the flats, just as I did every day.

There was mail in there, mostly junk mail though, but a couple of bills and a couple of letters as well. One letter was from my mother but I didn’t recognise the writing on the other and curiously I ripped it open and started reading it as I headed up the steps to my front door.

Dear Peter,

I know it’s been a while mate, but I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I’ll be home for my sisters wedding in a couple of weeks. I thought it’d be good for us to catch up on old times, if that’s alright with you. I’m looking forward to having a yarn over a drink or two. My phone number is (07) 5555 1234, give me a call and we’ll work something out.



I almost bumped into the door, I was so engrossed in the letter, and with shaking hands I fumbled for my keys, finally managing to make it inside. My spirits soared as I switched on the lights and headed for the chair which I had sitting beside the telephone.

With shaking hands I picked it up and started dialing the numbers.

“Dreams do come true,” I thought to myself as I dialed the last number, and then I heard the ring at the other end, followed by a click and a familiar voice saying, “Hello.”

I thought I was in seventh heaven.

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