The Mardi Gras Murders


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Welcome to a world where everything is not as it seems.
A hotshot young police office, Rick Cooper, has been posted to an inner city station, just prior to the staging of the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.
His appointment is in part a political one, as his superiors seem to know more about Rick’s past than even he cares to remember. What no one is quite prepared for, however, is for that past to catch up with him.
Nor are they prepared for the events that follow!
Can Rick survive his first few days on the job? And can the fledgling relationship with the new man of his dreams weather the storm that is about to engulf them?
Only time will tell!!!

46 Responses to The Mardi Gras Murders

  1. mike v says:

    Just finished chapter 2 on, where can I read the rest of the chapters? I’m hooked

  2. ponyboy63 says:

    All the chapters posted so far (8) are on here. Just use the menu at the top … Stories / My Stories / The Mardi Gras Murders, then the chapter list should appear.
    Enjoy! 😉

    • Mullai Malar says:

      when will next chapter will come.. i cant wait

      • ponyboy63 says:

        It is being edited at the moment, so once it has been sent back to me I will get it posted. I’m trying to get a chapter done every week, so I would say look out for it in the middle of next week.
        If you click on the “Follow” button that pops up on the screen you will be able to get an automatic update sent to you once it’s posted.
        Thanks for your message. I’m glad you are enjoying the story. 🙂

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  4. Mullai Malar says:

    TQ for posting chapter 17.. looking forward for the next one.. nice story by the way

  5. Mullai Malar says:

    When is chapter 19 coming.. waiting becoming so difficult for next chapter.

  6. Jim says:

    Excellent story. Thank You.

  7. Rob West says:

    Not surprised at your page hits. You’re a good writer and storyteller.

  8. Mullai Malar says:

    Hi.. waiting for the next chapter.. when it will be posted..

  9. Mullai Malar says:

    Your story is very interesting..tats y cant wait for the next chapter..

  10. Rob West says:

    You do know of course that you are not allowed to have a life of your own that will delay the gratification of your readers, right? I mean, we pay good money for this, right?

  11. Mike says:

    I have really enjoyed reading this story. You are a very talented writer, even with the English accent! lol. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for sharing

  12. Mullai Malar says:

    So when u gonna upload chapter 23….. ehmmm

  13. Mullai Malar says:

    Ehmm. Ok…. Thank you for your info…

  14. Mullai Malar says:

    Ehmm. Hi.. sorry to bother U but Im waiting for the next chapter.. when it will be posted.. Tq

    • ponyboy63 says:

      Please forgive me … it took a little longer than expected, what with edits, re-writes and re-edits, and my not having my lap-top computer to do it on!
      Chapter 23 is now online for you though! Enjoy!

  15. Rob West says:

    Nice chapter. Thanks. Your writing is super!

  16. Bill Stemple says:

    I got turned oin to this by another writer, Tim Mead. This is suspense just laike a good detective sotry should be. A greast hero.

  17. Mullai Malar says:

    Thank u.. Sorry if bother u so much.. Nice chapter though.. TQ

  18. Paul Jamison says:

    This is really a superb story. I’ve only just discovered it and have read all there is in three sessions over the holiday weekend. I really like a story that’s as involved as this one has become.
    Well… obviously I’m looking for the next chapter, as I guess it’s about ten days since the last one. Any news on posting dates?
    Best wishes… Paul Jamison.

  19. Nik says:

    there’s no need for your excusing yourself for any delays. I find it so hard myself to put my thoughts into writing, so I am in awe at how many fine chapters you have already accomplished.
    We are so thankful that you seem to have your mind set on finishing your story, and we are happy to wait as long as it takes as we know the outcome will be great. So feel free to take all the time you want!

  20. Robert says:

    Mark, you have posted Chapter 25 but not updated your chapter list for the hyperlink…. I typed #25 in and read another really great addition to this storyline last night.

  21. Jerry Uffelman says:

    WOW! is right for CH26

  22. Marcus Brent says:

    I have just read chapters 24,25,& 26. This story is great!!, a real cliff hanger. I love a good mystery with romance, and this is one of the best. This would make a good movie. Marc

  23. Johnk925 says:

    You could certainly see your skills within the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who arent afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart. ddbgadddadfa

  24. Paul Jamsion says:

    Now this is getting really exciting…. We know who, or think we do, we know how, at least on the surface…. but is that all… Not heard very much at all about how things are ‘proceeding’ with all the other lines of enquiry… Big pull it together jigsaw time I foresee…perhaps…what do I know?

  25. Oh my what a cliff hanger chapter 32, so enjoying the story. Well done

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