Thompson River Tales


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LEGENDS (to be told in three parts)
The Dare  ~  The Brothers  ~

For those of you have read the series that began with After We Danced, and continued with The Rip, Song For Guy and Thompsonville, and now my latest story called A Good Place, you would be familiar with the sleepy little town called Thompsonville, set on the east coast of Australia.
I have often been asked where this little town is, and sad to say it doesn’t really exist. It is, however, loosely based on a number of places I visited in my younger years. It’s also the type of place to which I would one day like to retire!  🙂
As I was writing A Good Place I started thinking about how the town come to be, and what sort of people helped to establish it, and came to the conclusion that there could be some interesting stories found there.   As it often does, one thing led to another, and the next thing I know I had the start of yet another new story, which I would now like to present to you. It is called Armistice, and is the story of two boys in the time of the Great War – 1914 to 1918 . . . one who goes off to war and one who doesn’t!
I hope you enjoy it!
Please watch this page for new additions that will be added as the ideas come to me, along with the time and inspiration to put them down.
I will also add some more background information about the towns and surrounds!

4 Responses to Thompson River Tales

  1. Bob K says:

    The Sandman cover page appears, but chapter #3 “cannot be found” ??????

  2. Jerry says:

    Sandman 2 and 3 are NOT accessible

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