Thompsonville – Ch 02

thompsonville-wp-header Chapter Two
January 2003
~ Guy ~

Moving house was something that I have always hated, and here I am now, eighteen years old and standing knee deep in boxes and junk, wishing that I was doing anything but this, but at the same time knowing that I’ve never been happier.

When I was a kid it seemed like we were moving constantly, mainly because of the fact that my dad was always being transferred from one town to another with his job. I think that was one of the main reasons why he and mom eventually split, nearly two years ago now, and as much as it hurt at the time, in the long run it was probably for the best.

There were tears. And there were screams. And there was heartache. I can remember all that.

There were also lost friendships, which seemed so important to me at the time; but they were quickly replaced by new ones, with the voids that had been previously left soon being filled, only to be broken and formed once more with the next house move, and for the same old cycle to be repeated over and over.

I think I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve changed schools. There have been so many faces that were once familiar, that were once friends and classmates and teachers, that now it seems like they are all one jumbled image . . . familiar, yet unidentifiable.

I remember too, something about most of the places in which I had lived. There is always some small snippet about the town, or the school, or the countryside that seems to float to the surface. Anything from before about five years ago, though, all seems to run into one long hazy memory, and being able to recall names or towns or people is something that I constantly struggle with.

Some childhood, huh?

Well, it wasn’t that bad really. My folks were both great . . . all things considered. There was never any violence or abuse or anything like that, so I guess I was lucky in many respects, but there wasn’t that much love either, and that was something that I know I always yearned for but never seemed to receive.

I eventually found it though. It was about two years ago. That was after ‘The Big Split.’

Two years! Man, haven’t they flown by! And they’ve been the best two years of my life.

It only seems like yesterday when I first spotted those two guys, both about the same age as me, sitting in the mall downtown. It was a few days after the last time we had finished unpacking.

My mother and I had ended up moving back to the town in which she had grown up. I don’t know why we even came here. I mean her parents didn’t even live here any more! And it wasn’t like we had any other relatives in the area.

I guess it was some place familiar to her.

I know it was some place foreign to me.

Urrrgghh! A small country town. No place for any normal seventeen year-old! But then again, I wasn’t really that normal, was I?

Which only made it worse. At first.

And there they were. It was the afternoon when mom and I went shopping for my new school uniforms at a clothing store that looked like it had been there for a hundred years. I was sure that the old guy who served us was the original owner. He certainly looked old enough to be.

I had noticed them there when we went into the store, just sitting there having a milk shake each and checking out the people passing by. That was what got my curiosity aroused. They actually looked like they were checking people out and then commenting to each other after they had gone by. I don’t think they saw me, but I remember thinking that maybe it was some kind of game they played, but straight after that I got dragged into the store by my mother.

After spending about half an hour trying on clothes and being felt up by the bony old fingers of the salesman – I swear he even slid his hand across my junk at one stage – I got out of there at the first opportunity I could, heading outside while mom paid the account.

Geez, I couldn’t believe that old perv . . . although maybe if he’d been about one hundred years younger though, things might have been a bit different!

Anyway, that’s what got me thinking about the two guys I had seen. And that’s why I wanted to get back outside just as quickly as I could. You see, I was hoping that they would still be there. I wanted another look!

When I eventually did make it back out into the sunshine I casually walked away from the entrance to the store with my hands thrust into my pockets. I was hoping that I was looking really cool!

Thankfully, they were still there.

Slowly, I looked up and down the street, my gaze passing over the two of them, then deliberately looking away.

Were they looking at me? Damn. I think they were.

I looked back at the two of them. One of them was actually staring at me. He was the cuter of the two, well at least to me he was. Slim and quite nice looking, but he just had something about him that made me melt inside.

His friend, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. He had a footballer’s build, quite stocky and muscular, and wasn’t as pretty, but still looked hot nonetheless. But it was his mate that my gaze kept going back to.

We were staring at each other. We were holding each other’s gaze. We even smiled at each other and I know my heart skipped a beat. It was definitely ‘a moment’.

Moments always have to come to an end, however, and so too did this one, with the arrival of my mother, who unceremoniously thrust umpteen bags of shopping into my arms.

‘Let’s get home, Guy,’ she had said to me, to which I think I just rolled my eyes and followed her. Before I disappeared into the crowds though, I managed to glance back at the guy and flash him a smile.

Then he was gone. Lost amongst a sea of people!

* * *

From behind me I suddenly heard a loud crash, and spun around just in time to see Tim picking up some saucepans and a frying pan, that had fallen through the bottom of a box.

Almost two years I have known him for now, and he’s still a clumsy oaf!

Nah! Not really. He’s still a babe though. And there’s lots more I have to tell you yet.

‘You all right with that, babe?’ I asked him.

‘Thanks, but I’ve got it under control,’ he replied with a grin.

‘What time are we meeting Matt and Luke?’ I asked him, as I picked up a box that had the word ‘Linen’ neatly written across the top in my mother’s hand writing and carried it down the hall to the cupboard.

‘About twelve,’ he answered, then looked at his watch. ‘We’ve got a bit of time yet.’

In case you are wondering, yeah, I did end up with the guy I spotted in the mall that day.

His name was Tim, and as luck would have it we ended up at the same school together, and even both worked on the school musical that year.

His friend’s name was Ben. And to say that he turned out to be a character would be something of an understatement.

You should have seen their faces when I walked into the school hall for the first time one afternoon not long after I had seen them for the first time. They were about to start auditions for the school musical. We all recognised each other, of course, and in a way it was kind of weird. It was like there was this instant connection between us, and it resulted in us becoming firm friends, which later developed into much, much more.

Mind you, it hasn’t always been easy. We’ve had our ups and downs. But thankfully it’s been more ups than downs. So far!

Some of our better moments I will actually treasure for the rest of my life, such as the opening night for our school musical, in which Tim was one of the leading players.

It had come just following one of our ‘low’ moments, when we’d had a bit of a disagreement. It was my fault, going off half-cocked again and not taking his feelings into consideration, but in a way I think Tim blamed himself.

In the end he sang me a song, which told me more about how he felt about me than anything he had ever said before. And from that moment on I was totally and hopelessly lost in my love for him.

* * *

Tim and I had already been in our new home for a few days when everyone else had arrived, being Ben and his girlfriend Samantha, and Matt and Luke, even if we hadn’t finished unpacking and settling in.

The six of us had decided to share an old house in this little coastal town, while some of us went to the nearby Southern Star University. We hoped that it would all work out okay, but we all knew that only time would tell whether or not it was going to work for us all.

On the day that Matt and Luke had arrived we were just working on unpacking the remainder of our stuff, and by the time we were due to meet up with them at the university in Macquarie Harbour, though we had most of it safely stowed away and the place looking respectable.

We only hoped that they wouldn’t be too disappointed in the old house when they arrived.

‘Are you about ready?’ I asked Tim when we had taken our empty boxes out onto the closed in verandah to get them out of the way. We still had a few other full boxes out there, but it wouldn’t take too long to clear it out if they needed some more room.

Being near the end of January, it was quite hot and humid, and despite the fact that we had all the doors and windows open, it was still quite sticky inside after doing some work, and so we had both taken our shirts off.

Tim had been leaning up against the frame of an open doorway, watching me pack these last few boxes away, so I walked up to him and put my arms around his waist, marvelling at the touch of his damp skin. I pulled him too me, with our groins and stomachs soon rubbing together, followed by our foreheads touching, followed by our lips.

‘Shit, where’s Ben and Sam?’ he whispered when coming up for air.

‘Haven’t seen them all morning. Besides, I don’t think they would care anyway.’

‘You reckon?’

‘Well, we can try them out later if you like? You know, let ‘em watch!’

‘Very funny.’

I kissed him once more then. And he kissed me back, but we both knew that we eventually had to get into town, so as much as we would have liked to have carried on with it, we knew we couldn’t.

‘Come on,’ he finally said, while pushing me away. ‘We really need to get moving.’

‘I think I already am,’ I rather cheekily replied.

‘That’s not quite what I meant.’

‘I know, mate.’

We managed to wash and change and make it into town on time, beating Matt and Luke to the pre-arranged meeting place, which was at the university.

It had been a while since we had seen them, and a lot had happened since then, particularly for them, so it was really great to see them pull up alongside us and get out of their car.

‘We were starting to worry about you blokes,’ I said to them as they stepped from their car. ‘We weren’t sure if that old heap of shit car of yours would make it!’

We all laughed, and exchanged some slaps on the back and friendly banter, and at one stage Matt and Luke embraced and kissed each other, which surprised both Tim and me, leaving us marvelling at how happy they looked.

After the greetings and catching up was done however, there was still work to be done, with Luke still having to finish enrolling. We pointed them in the right direction and all headed up towards the administration centre, where we waited patiently while he finished filling out form after form, under the suspicious eyes of one seriously formidable woman (I had this feeling that she had a pair of testicles hidden away somewhere, but I wasn’t quite game to ask her).

When that was done it was time for lunch down by the jetty, followed by the short trip out to our new home, and an enjoyable afternoon on the beach, which was just a short walk through the scrub behind the house.

I think that the funniest thing to happen was when we introduced the guys to Ben, who had shown up down on the beach late that afternoon. We had all been skinny-dipping in the bay when Ben sauntered down to the water’s edge, just as we were emerging from the ocean.

Even though I knew I shouldn’t, I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of Ben looking Matt up and down, with his gaze eventually settling on Matt’s manhood, which Matt quickly covered in his embarrassment.

There were a few words spoken between the two of them, which I didn’t manage to catch, but I couldn’t help get but the impression that they had gotten off on the wrong foot. I think that they did manage to smooth things out between themselves though, as we all ended up spending the rest of the afternoon carrying their stuff in from their car and the trailer they were towing, although I did notice that Matt was keeping a wary eye on our friend.

Later that evening, after the four of us had shared a take-away meal, we spent until the early hours of the following morning catching up on what we had been up to over the past couple of months, with Matt and Luke filling us in on all their troubles.

Things hadn’t exactly gone smoothly for them since we had last seen them, with Luke ending up in hospital at one stage, with his father being charged with bashing him, and then Matt being charged over a case of indecent dealing, which, while we all knew was a load of bullshit, it wouldn’t have been a pleasant experience for anyone to have to live through.

But live through it all they did. And now they were here. Amongst friends. And ready for the next phase of their lives.

* * *

Tim and I were both sitting in the kitchen when Matt and Luke eventually dragged themselves out of bed the next morning. It was bright and airy, and we noticed both of them wince visibly when they copped an eyeful of the early morning sun.

‘Hi, guys,’ I said to them as they stood at the door rubbing the sleep from their eyes. ‘Sleep well?’

‘Sleep?’ said Luke rather grumpily. ‘With you pair banging the bed-head against the wall until god knows when? You’ve got to be joking.’

‘Shit. Sorry,’ Tim said, with a grin that made a mockery of any remorse he may have otherwise have shown. ‘Maybe we’d better move the bed away from the wall a bit?’

‘Ya think!’ answered Luke.

‘It’s okay, guys,’ Matt said. ‘He’s like this every morning. Give him some coffee and he’ll come back to the land of the living.’

‘I’m not so sure about that, Matt,’ Tim replied. ‘He looks pretty far gone to me.’

‘You’re all a bunch of assholes,’ Luke said, as he wandered over toward the bench where an electric jug was waiting patiently to be switched on.

Matt crossed the kitchen floor and joined him, getting two mugs off the rack while Luke re-filled the jug, then they both turned around and faced us, leaning back against the bench as they waited for the water to boil.

The four of us were wearing only boxers, and with the amount of teenaged skin that was showing, it would have usually been more than enough to get someone excited.

But not today.

Well, not yet anyway.

The jug clicked itself off a minute or two later, and Luke turned around and poured the water into the two mugs that Matt had added instant coffee and sugar to, then after giving them both a stir with the spoon he handed one of them to him and they both came over to the table and sat down opposite us.

‘So, do you guys have anything planned for today?’ Matt asked, before taking a sip of coffee.

It was Saturday, and to me at least, Saturday is a good day for not having any plans.

I shook my head and said, ‘Not really. Just bum around, I suppose. What about you pair?’

‘Much the same I reckon,’ he answered. ‘Although I suppose we’ll have to finish unpacking everything and get Luke’s computer and stuff all set up.’

‘Fair enough,’ I answered.

‘So, you guys have been here for a few days, at least. Have you heard anything yet about what might be going around here as far as part time jobs?’ Matt asked.

‘Nothing so far. Well, not that we’ve seen anyway,’ Tim answered. ‘I guess we’ll all want a little something extra to help us out though, one way or another. The study allowances won’t go too far, and there won’t be too much money coming from home, well for me at least, but with the six of us sharing this place it should at least be pretty affordable for us all.’

‘True, true,’ Luke replied.

‘And what about Ben? What’s the deal with him? Is he going to university here too?’ Luke asked.

Tim just shook his head.

‘What’s he going to do, then? And how come he’s moved up here with you guys?’ Matt asked.

‘Just to be with Samantha,’ Tim answered. ‘When we were kids he was always the more focused of us all, but . . .’

‘But what?’

‘But then he went and fell in love,’ I answered for him.

‘She must be some chick, then?’ Matt offered.

‘Yeah, she’s the best actually! She’s really a sweet girl,’ Tim replied.

‘Well, we’re both looking forward to meeting her,’ Luke said.

‘Trust us. You’ll love her,’ I responded. ‘Did you know that she’s older than any of us?’

‘Really?’ Luke replied.

‘Uh, huh.’

‘So, what? Ben’s actually a toy boy?’ Matt asked, half joking.

‘Yeah, you could say something like that,’ I replied.

‘Kewl. This should be good for a few jibes,’ Matt offered.

‘Well, yes and no,’ I replied. ‘Ben can take a joke and clown around just as much as the next person, but just be careful how far you push him . . . he can be a bit funny like that sometimes.’

‘I see,’ Matt answered, but with an expression on his face that said quite a bit more than the few words he had uttered.

‘So, I did hear you guys correctly yesterday, didn’t I, when you said that Ben’s girl was living here too?’ Luke asked, yawning.

‘Uh, huh,’ I replied. ‘I’m not sure where they are at the moment though. I guess they must have found something better to do last night than come home.’

‘I’ll bet!’ Matt commented.

‘Well, you can ask them what they’ve been up to when they get home if you like,’ I said to him.

‘Hmmmm . . . we’ll see!’ Matt replied.

We sat there chatting for about another hour, just enjoying the light and the warmth of the sun coming in through the kitchen windows, which made this a great room to be in.

Matt and Luke filled us in some more about what had happened to them over the past few months, including every little detail about the court cases that they had been involved with, and about their farewell dinner, and about all their friends from their home town.

‘I think I would have killed that fuckin’ Tony,’ I said to them when they had finished. ‘Does he have any idea what he put you guys through?’

‘It wasn’t all his fault,’ Luke said, coming to his cousins defence. ‘It was dear Aunt Margaret’s fault more than anything, but she’ll be getting what’s coming to her. She may be family, but there’s no love lost there. Not any more, anyhow.’

‘So what about Tony? Have you guys spoken since?’ Tim enquired.

‘Yeah, we have. Even Matt has spoken to him,’ Luke answered. ‘We’re all pretty cool about it really, although I guess there’s still bound to be some residual ill feeling there from time to time. We’ll see what happens next time we actually meet him I suppose.’

‘Which will be when exactly?’ I asked.

Luke just shrugged and said, ‘Whenever!’

Tim picked up his and my empty cups at that moment and I watched him as he headed across to the sink and sat them in it, then turned around and propped himself up against the bench facing me, with his arms folded across his chest.

The sun was streaming in behind him, creating this gold aura-like effect around him, and instantly I was moved by the sight of him, with a familiar tingling sensation slowly spreading itself throughout my lower abdomen, and then working its way upwards.

‘I think I might go have a shower,’ Tim said to me, which was all the prompting that I needed to get to my feet also.

I noticed Matt and Luke glance at each other and grin as I stood up. My immediate thought was that they knew this game too.

‘You guys will just have to wait your turn,’ I said to them.

‘Our turn for what?’ Luke asked innocently.

‘You want me to spell it out for you?’

‘There’s no need for that now,’ Matt said. ‘I’m sure we can figure it out for ourselves.’

‘Well, I’m sure you guys have heard the old saying . . . save water, shower with a friend!’ Tim laughed, as I tried dragging him through the door.

‘Yeah, mate. We have,’ Matt answered.

‘Hmmm . . . I think I’m going to like living here,’ I heard Luke reply, but I didn’t see or hear anything more, as I was already in the hallway, with Tim safely in tow.

* * *

‘I think they were a little surprised by that,’ I said to Tim a few minutes later, as I soaped up his back, while steaming water cascaded down over the pair of us.

‘I’m sure they were,’ he answered. ‘They’re probably wondering just what they’ve got themselves into now.’

‘They’ll be cool,’ I replied. ‘They’re just like us, remember?’

‘Yeah, I do remember.’

I put my arms around him from behind, hugging him close to me and burying my face into the base of his neck, kissing him and nibbling on him. I could feel him arch his body back into my embrace, and his hands reach around behind him, grabbing me firmly on my hips and pulling me towards him.

‘So, that’s what you’re wanting,’ I whispered into his ear.

‘P-l-ease,’ he replied, so I reached down and grabbed hold of his hard cock with one hand, while letting the fingers of my other hand run up and down his crack, fondling and spreading his cheeks, then teasing his hole.

As a finger plunged into him I felt a shudder go through Tim.

‘You like that,’ I whispered.

‘You know I do,’ he whispered back.

‘Then you’ll like this too,’ I responded, then sank a second finger into him.

He groaned and then I started working my fingers in and out, while at the same time I was still stroking his cock.

‘I want more than that,’ he told me, almost breathlessly, so I soon let go of his cock and placed my hand on his flat stomach, guiding him backwards with one hand, while guiding my own hardness into position with the other.

Resting the head of my cock in position, I then placed a hand on each side of his hips, then slowly started pushing forward.

‘How’s that?’ I asked him.

‘Oh, yeah,’ he groaned.

I pushed a little more, than I felt him open and I slid easily inside him, feeling my cock being engulfed by the heat of his body.

He was breathing heavily now, and so was I, as I rocked back and forth, plunging into him and then almost pulling right out, before plunging into him again, and again, and again.

‘Oh god, that feels so good,’ Tim said to me.

‘Well, it’s about to feel even better, ‘cause I’m just about to cum,’ I replied, feeling the pressure starting to build inside me.

‘Go for it,’ Tim said, and so I did.

With just a few more thrusts into him, I couldn’t hold it any longer, and so I let it go, with wave after wave of juice being shot into the depths of my lover.

‘Oh god, I can feel it inside me,’ he whispered, panting heavily.

‘Yeah. I can feel myself slipping around in my own cum,’ I replied. I gave one last thrust, then pulled myself out of him, making an almost funny ‘slurp’ kind of noise, which both of us giggled at.

Tim turned around and faced me, putting one hand at the back of my neck and pulling my face toward his.

‘Thank you,’ he whispered, then kissed me, long and hard and passionately.

‘Anytime,’ I answered, when I was eventually able to come up for breath.

To be continued . . . . .

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