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In 2021 I discovered the Vocal.Media site, a platform for supporting, discovering and rewarding creators. The concept appealed to me and so I began thinking about how I might be able to make it work for me.

After setting up an account I decided to try transitioning to Vocal with some new posts and stories, the first of which was posted this week.

What I am hoping to do is continue to post original LGBT themed fiction (my own and that of others whom I admire – with their permission of course), in addition to including reviews of books and movies, and maybe some personal views and opinions on topical subjects or current events which relate to or affect the LGBT community.

A full index of posts will be made available here:

What could I possibly say? (15/07/21)

Craig Silvey’s HONEYBEE   (25/10/21)

Holden Sheppard’s INVISIBLE BOYS  (15/07/21)

Malcolm Knox’s BLUEBIRD  (21/04/22)

Gold, Silver, Bronze and Rainbows   (10/09/21)

The Colours of the Outback     (21/11/21)

Fair Girls and Grey Horses    (29/09/21)

The Sword of Erasmus (Ch 1)    (09/06/22)

Chances  (28/07/21)

A Very Fine Line   (03/09/21)

Armistice   (25/09/21)

Prisoner of Carronne (Ch 1)   (25/11/21)

Prisoner of Carronne (Ch 2)   (01/02/22)

The Sword of Erasmus (Ch 1)    (09/06/22)


Their Own Words – An Introduction    (06/08/21)

Their Own Words – A Better Man  (27/08/21)

Their Own Words – A Better Man (Part Two)  (09/10/21)

Their Own Words – A Better Man (Part Three)   (07/12/21)

Their Own Words – A Better Man (Part Four)   (24/01/22)

Their Own Words – The Life of Brian   (05/02/22)

Their Own Words – The D-Man   (01/05/22)

Please enjoy!

If you would like to contact me you can email me at . . . mp_ponyboy@hotmail.com

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