New stuff :)

OK, so some might be wondering if I’m still writing, and I cannot lie, the answer is yes!

I know that I haven’t had much to post of late, but I have still been busy working on some new stories, with the help of a new editor who just happens to be a fellow Aussie.

I have made quite a bit of progress on one of these stories so I figure that it’s finally safe to start posting chapters, even if it isn’t complete just yet.

So, without further adieu I give you the first chapter of Stockroom Secrets, which has now been posted on Nifty.

It’s kind of funny how things can happen sometimes. The original idea for this one was just a few chapters following the adventures of a young guy who is new to the whole gay scene . . . but as can sometimes happen the story has taken on a life of its own and there is so much more to this young guy’s adventure.

So, please enjoy! 🙂

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Something real to hold in your hands…

I have to say that it’s always great when you can hold in your hands your latest work, and flick through the pages, and breathe in that smell of a newly printed book.

Available now: HERE

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Just a few thoughts following the events of the past week…

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A Book Review: Holden Sheppard’s THE BRINK

Here’s my review of another recent read. It is the second novel from Holden Sheppard, again set on the coast of Western Australia, and again a compelling read.

What happens when a bunch of school leavers end up on a small island on their end of year trip . . . plenty, that’s what!

This is a tension-filled, hormone-fuelled, school-leavers trip to hell and back! And a murder mystery to boot!

Like I said, it makes for compelling reading . . . and I can’t wait for his next one!

Please enjoy!

Book review: Holden Sheppard’s THE BRINK | Fiction (

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A Book Review: Shannon Molloy’s FOURTEEN

Here’s a review of a book I recently read. It really resonated with me as there were so many similarities between the author and myself at that same age … small town guys, Catholic School, tormented by classmates … you know the drill *sigh*

Anyhow, this is one that I can’t recommend highly enough. I think everyone should read it, especially kids who may be doubting themselves, the parents of these kids, and especially their teachers.

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Something short, something new . . .

Here’s a little something that has just been posted.

The writing prompt was to write about someone waking up on a train, no ticket, no idea how they got there.

Of course I had to add a gay slant to it.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Into The Night | Fiction (

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A few recent efforts for you . . .

So, I’ve just had a week at home thanks to a visit from everybody’s friend, Rona. Thankfully it wasn’t too serious and the only lingering after-effect seems to be a ticklish throat. Back to work today to a mountain of emails . . . *sigh*

With all that spare time on my hands I had to do something, right? So I did . . . write, that is!

For a Vocal Challenge I reworked one of my earlier stories, as well as finished off a piece I had been tinkering with for a while now, all about LGBTQI moments on Australian TV.

When Australian TV led the world in going Gay! | Pride (

We Dare You! | Fiction (

Some of you may recognise the original version of this one 🙂

Please enjoy.

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There be dragons!

Continuing on from my last post, I now give you Chapter Two of The Sword of Erasmus!

Please enjoy.

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Up for the Challenge

So … I found another writing challenge that was issued by the Vocal.Media mob, which I thought fitted in nicely with one of my existing stories (The Prisoner of Carronne), so I thought, why the hell not!

And so I give you the beginnings of The Sword of Erasmus!

Please enjoy!

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Their Own Words: The D Man

Just updated to my Their Own Words series: The D Man

Please enjoy.

Image from SĂ©an Gorman on

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