Milk and Honey and Holly

I grew up in a small country town in the seventies. We had less than twenty thousand people back then — and only about twenty five thousand now — and when you’re gay and living in a place like that your options can be limited when it comes to finding people just like you.

Sure, there must have always been some gay guys about, but finding them, or whatsmore, getting the message out there so that they could find you, well, that was sometimes just about impossible.

It was a tough and lonely existence, that really took its toll on a lot of guys. I guess that for many it’s still pretty much like that these days, although if there’s one thing that the kid’s these days have in their favour it’s that thing called the internet. At least nowadays you can reach out to people a damn sight easier than our generation could.

My first sexual experiences were with a guy in my class at school, but that was only fleeting, just a bit of fooling around that obviously meant way more to me than it did to him. He would later let slip that I had sucked him off and I suddenly became the class pariah, but after a while things settled back down and I was able to get on with my life.

I dated a few girls and led what would have looked like a ‘normal’ life on the outside, but inside I was being torn apart. What I truly yearned for just didn’t seem to be available; well, to me at least.

As far as I was aware there were no other guys in my year at high school who were like me, although it seemed to be common knowledge that there were a couple of guys in other years that were; not that I ever spoke to them or anything. Looking back I have often wondered whether or not they ever had any more luck than me.

When I left school I started working in one of the local supermarkets, continued to go out with a girl my parents liked and continued the charade. My girlfriend was a nice girl who I had actually gone to school with, and we fooled around often, but for some reason she wouldn’t ever let me fuck her. I could suck her tits, finger her, lick her out, but no matter what I tried I never got my cock inside her! Can you imagine how frustrating that is for a seventeen or eighteen year old . . . to be so near, and yet so far!

In the end we kind of drifted apart and she moved away to go nursing. I could have moved as well, either with her, or through being offered promotions and transfers with my employer, but despite the obvious disappointments I was still a country boy at heart and here was where I wanted to stay.

If I had my time over again though, I don’t think I would do the same thing.

Anyhow, when my girlfriend left I was at something of a loose end; I sure as hell wasn’t getting any . . . unless you count what my right hand was supplying . . . and I was growing more and more frustrated with each passing month.

Then one Christmas Eve the whole game changed.

I had been held up at work for several hours due to the usual mad Christmas rush, with people everywhere, and by the time we had closed up and I got out of the place it was well into the night. We all said goodbye and wished each other a Merry Christmas, exchanging the usual banter as we headed for our cars, before then going our separate ways, looking forward to having at least Christmas Day off, but dreading the repeat rush when we had to front up on Boxing Day.

As I headed home I found myself in dire need of a piss, so as I drove past the local park I pulled in to the avenue which led to the toilets, purely on impulse.

I had heard all the stories about what sometimes went on here, but not even I ever felt desperate enough to check it out for myself. Sure, I had called in there once or twice, but there never seemed to be anyone around when I was there, so to me it always seemed a waste of time.

This night, however, I was in need of a different kind of relief, so I didn’t give any thought to the possibility of anything else happening.

When I pulled up out front I noticed that there weren’t any other cars around, so I went straight inside and stood at the trough, pulling my cock out and splashing piss everywhere. Apparently I had arrived just in time.

Before I had even finished though I heard the sound of footsteps coming from outside, so I hurriedly shook off and zipped up. When I headed toward the wash basin I met this Aboriginal guy coming inside. He was a good four or five inches taller than me and probably just a few years older than me as well, but not bad looking all the same.

What struck me was that he wasn’t a typical dark-skinned guy like most of the Aboriginals that I knew. His skin was almost the colour of warm honey, and his features were much finer than usual. In those few seconds from when I first spotted him, to when we passed each other, my opinion of him changed from one of his being not bad looking, to being very attractive, and even though I was the atypical blonde haired and blue eyed guy, with skin that was almost the colour of milk, and who had never ever considered that I could ever be sexually attracted to anyone outside my own race (not that I thought of myself as being racist in any way . . . that just wasn’t what I was attracted to), I quickly found myself wondering just what this guy might look like naked.

He said, ‘Hello,’ and I replied with the same, but then I hurried outside, where I climbed back into my car and sat with my shaking hands glued to the steering wheel.

I knew that it was only a passing greeting, but just the fact that I had bumped into someone in that place, and at night, seemed to have me on edge. Was he there for a piss, or something different?

I decided to sit and watch for a few minutes and sure enough he came out about a minute later, looked my way, then started walking around the park. For some reason he seemed to be sticking to the shadows, almost as if he was unwilling to be out in the open, beneath the scattered lamps. Was this the action of an innocent person who was only after a piss? I didn’t think so.

He kept walking and shortly afterwards I seemed to lose track of him, but then the next thing I knew was  that I saw him go back into the toilets, but not before he paused and looked my way again.

I was truly intrigued. What was he up to? What did he want? And why did he keep looking at me?

I finally decided I needed to know, so with shaking hands I opened my car door and got out into the cool night air. I was sweating like crazy and my heart was thumping. Was I really about to do this? Was I about to go and see if what this guy was after was . . . was me?

I locked the car and nervously started toward the building, still unsure if I really should be doing what it was that I was in fact doing, and before I knew it I found myself walking inside, with the sound of my footsteps echoing from the tiled floor.

I found him standing at the trough and when I stepped up beside him and started fumbling with my zipper he looked across at me and smiled.

‘Hey,’ he said to me.

‘Hey,’ I replied.

‘New around here are you?’


‘Here. Town.’


‘Come here often then?’

‘Nah. Never.’

He nodded in silence, then looked down at where my hands were and smiled once more. I could feel my hands shaking, yet the effect it was having on my cock wasn’t what I had expected, as the movement of them shaking seemed to be bringing it to life.

‘It’s okay you know. Lots of guys come here.’

‘What for?’ I asked, rather naively.

‘What do you think?’ he replied, smiling, before then reaching across and wrapping his hand around my growing cock.

I looked down at his hand, which was gently squeezing my manhood, slowly working it into a state of excitement.

‘Is that okay with you?’ he asked me in a whisper.

I nodded and gazed out the window in front of us, looking at the large pine tree that the local council decorated with coloured lights each year for Christmas. There was little else I could do.

‘How about we give ourselves a little privacy?’ he asked me, then stepped back away from the trough and started to lead me by the cock toward the cubicles. I followed him willingly and it was only when he shut the door behind us and locked us in that I realised what was happening. He could have been a psycopath or anything, but his soft touch, and my desire for sex seemed to over-ride all common sense.

I had nothing to fear, however, as he sat himself down on the seat and positioned me directly in front of him, then reaching for my belt and undoing it. As my zipper was already down it didn’t take much effort for my trousers to find their way to down around my ankles, with my jocks also soon following, leaving my throbbing cock sticking straight out toward him.

‘That’s nice,’ he whispered.

I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing.

As I looked down I saw him lean his head forward and then, much to my surprise, he licked the end of my cock, sending shivers right through me.

He repeated that action a few more times, as well as circling around the head of my penis with his tongue, which was sending me wild, then I saw him lick his lips and slide them over the head of my cock. I felt the heat of his mouth as he engulfed me, sliding his mouth down as far as he could, before retreating back to the tip, then sliding down again.

‘Oh my god,’ I whispered. ‘That feels fantastic.’

I think he tried to mumble something, but with my cock shoved to the hilt into his mouth all that came out was a garbled, incomprehensible sound.

He continued to suck on me, while at the same time I felt the tips of his fingers start to probe between my legs and toward my hole. I felt like I should have stopped him, but something in my head wanted him to keep going, wanted me to find out what was going to happen, so once more I did nothing.

Moments later, while his mouth was still working back and forth on my cock, I felt him probing gently at my hole, then soon afterwards a finger slipped inside me.

The feeling was amazing and the reaction was instant . . . I felt my cock grow even harder.

As the finger moved in and out of my hole and my cock moved in and out of my companions mouth, the familar feelings quickly built up inside me. My body was responding to what was happening to it and I knew what the result would soon be.

‘I . . . I’m . . . I’m gonna cum,’ I said hoarsely.

His mouth stayed on me, then seconds later the fire within me reached its peak and I felt the lava rising and surging through my loins. Shot after shot of my hot juices soon spewed from my cock, emptying into the welcoming void that was his hungry mouth, and which he swallowed greedily.

When he was finally satisfied that he had milked me dry he leaned back a little and looked up at me, grinning.

‘You like that?’ he asked.

‘Fuck yeah,’ I answered. ‘I’ve never felt anything like that in my life.’

It was just then that I realised that his finger was still inside me, still probing my hole, still sending shivers through me, and I didn’t want it to end.

‘And what about this?’ he whispered, as he wiggled his finger inside me.

‘It feels good too,’ I hoarsely replied.

‘You ever been fucked?’

I shook my head.

‘Ever wanted to be fucked?’

‘Yeah . . . but . . . I . . . errr . . .’

‘Ssshhh! It’s okay,’ he said, before finally pulling his finger from my hole, which I found, surprisingly, left me with a feeling of emptiness, and desperately wanting more.

That was when he stood up in front of me, looking down on me slightly and smiling. It felt like I was under his spell as I gazed into the deep pools of his eyes.

Up until this point I still hadn’t seen but a glimpse of his cock, but now he took my hand and placed it on his hard member, moving my hand beneath his in a stroking motion.

I looked down and gasped at the sight of it. His cock was long, at least nine inches, but what really surprised me was that it wasn’t thick at all. The realisation dawned on me that it couldn’t have been much thicker than my index finger, and I just knew that something that was only that thick could fit comfortably inside my hole.

I also knew that I was about to be fucked for the first time. In fact, I was counting on it.

‘So, are you ready to be fucked?’ he asked.

‘Oh, yeah,’ I replied. ‘You got a rubber?’

‘Yeah. I always like to be prepared,’ he answered, as he fished into a pocket and pulled out a foil packet, which I took from him and ripped the end off it by using my teeth.

‘Someone’s eager,’ my honey skinned friend said. I simply grinned at him, then rolled the condom over the end of his cock and down the shaft, before turning around and placing my hands against the cubicle door.

Looking back over my shoulder at him I saw him spit several times into the palm of his hand, then rub it between the cheeks of my arse, and around my hole, working his finger in and out a few times, making everything nice and moist. He then repeated the procedure, before rubbing the liquid over his own cock.

It appeared that we were now ready.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, and was a little surprised when he placed a hand on either side of my hips and seemed to pull them closer to him, leaving me feeling like I was standing with my butt sticking out into the air.

His fingers returned to my hole and I felt him push inside me a few times once more, before he then removed them and positioned the head of his cock at my entrance.

‘Just try and relax,’ he whispered into my ear. Somewhat nervously I managed to nod.

He was pushing forward now. Not hard, just being firm, rocking his body back and forth. Each time he pushed again it felt like he was going in just that little bit further. My anus seemed to also be relaxing and stretching just that little bit more with each thrust, then before I knew it I felt a short sharp stab of pain, as the head of his cock pushed past the barrier, and he was finally inside me.

‘Just breathe,’ he whispered as he held himself there in the one position for a few moments. ‘Are you okay?’

‘Yeah,’ I croaked, while coming to the realisation that it wasn’t hurting at all, in fact I was feeling almost euphoric. I was loving the feeling of having something inside me.

After a minute or so he began moving once more . . .gently thrusting forward just a fraction, then pulling back, almost to where the head of his cock was about to pull out. But then he would push back in once more, only to rock backwards again. Each time he pushed forward he would go just that little bit further, and it wasn’t long before I could feel his flat stomach against my back, and his hips coming up against the cheeks of my arse.

The feeling of being completely filled by this honey-skinned beauty was fucking amazing!

‘That’s all the way in,’ I heard him whisper, before then beginning to kiss my neck and then nibble on my ear.

‘Just fuck me!’ I demanded, urgently seeking more of the sensations that had been aroused inside me. I wanted to enjoy the full experience. I needed to have that full experience.

‘As you wish,’ my companion whispered once more. I wasn’t sure why he was being so quiet about it all, but for some reason I was wishing that he wouldn’t take it so gently, I was wanting him to unleash the beast that I was hoping was within him.

I glanced back over my shoulder at his smiling face.

‘Are you ready for it now?’

‘Just give it to me. I want to feel you thrusting in and out of me.’

‘Then that’s what you’ll get,’ he said. No whispers this time.

I reached up and took a hold of the top of the door, to brace myself, and as I did that he placed his hands over the top of mine and nuzzled his face in close to mine, nibbling on my ear and my neck, which itself was sending a tingling sensation through my body. Then he pulled his hips back and thrust himself forward again, brutally burying himself all the way inside me once more.

‘Hows that?’ he growled into my ear.

‘Do it again.’

He chuckled to himself and repeated the action, not once, but many times, going hard and fast and deep.

As he worked my arse he began to grunt. I could also hear myself beginning to moan, and before long the sounds of our fucking filled the room.

The other thing that happened was that I realised I was now as hard as a rock. As my body rocked in unison with his, I could feel my cock slapping against my stomach and the sensation that that was giving me was starting to drive me wild. Never before had I felt what I was feeling right at this moment. I was in heaven.

I don’t know how long it was that he was plowing me for, his cock filling me to the hilt, then being drawn back almost to the edge again, before being plunged back into me, but it was almost as if I zoned out for a while there, with my eyes closed and my head tilted back. When I opened my eyes again I found myself staring up into the face of someone looking over the top of the cubicle . . . and it was someone I knew . . . the retired principal of my old high school. We’d always thought he was a dirty old fuck.

He winked at me and smiled when he noticed me staring at him, but at this stage I was beyond caring who saw, or heard me. With this incredible cock inside me I was in another world all together. It seemed to be turning me on even more, so I smiled back at him and let him enjoy the show.

By this time I could feel my cock leaking pre-cum, which kind of surprised me, as with my hands being held in place I hadn’t even touched myself. My cock was throbbing and I could feel my balls drawn up close to my body. This was another new sensation.

‘I’m getting close,’ I heard my companion growl, while I also felt his cock throbbing inside me. He pulled my hands from the door frame and wrapped his arms around me, tilting my body backwards and almost lifting me off the floor.

‘Gnnhhhh . . . gnnhhh . . . gnnhhh,’ he grunted into my ear, while giving some hard and sharp thrusts, as if trying to impale me just that little bit further, then all of a sudden his body went rigid. The only part of him that I could feel was moving was the ‘thump, thump’ of his heart, and the throbbing of his cock as he emptied himself inside me.

That was, apparently, just too much for me to handle, as the fire started rising from deep in my loins. It was a familiar feeling, but never one I had experienced without even having placed a hand on myself.

Was this possible? I wondered. Can a guy actually cum without being touched?

Within seconds I had my answer, as my own throbbing cock let loose with the biggest cum shot I had ever seen, splattering the back of the cubicle door with rope after rope of the precious fluid.

‘Aaaarrgghhh . . .’ I yelled out, still quite unable to fully comprehend what was happening. That was when a hand dropped down onto my manhood and began stroking me, milking me of the last few drops.

When it was over I slumped back against my friend, my legs feeling like jelly, and my heart racing.

‘Did . . . did that actually just happen?’ I heard myself asking.

‘You better believe it, gorgeous,’ he whispered into my ear, while still holding me tight.

Momentarily I managed to recover enough to stand up on my own two feet, and as I did so his cock slipped out, making a ‘pop’ sound. We both giggled.

I turned around to face him, just as he pulled off the condom he was wearing, then holding it up and proudly displaying a great wad of cum in the end of it.

‘So, how was your first fuck?’ he asked.

‘The best fuck I’ve ever had . . . or ever likely to have! That was fucking amazing!’

‘Glad that I could be of service,’ my honey skinned friend said, before dropping the rubber in the toilet bowl and then wiping himself off with some paper.

I glanced up to see if the old perv was still there, but thankfully he had gone, so then I cleaned myself up as well.

‘Thanks for that,’ my friend said to me as he zipped himself up. ‘Maybe we can do it again some time?’

‘I think I’d like that,’ I answered, then after leaning forward and kissing me he unlocked the door, said ‘Merry Christmas’, and disappeared into the night.

I only ever saw him once more after that. It was a few weeks later when we bumped into each other downtown. He was with some other people and at first I thought he was going to ignore me, but at the last moment he turned and winked at me.

After that he seemed to disappear, but I never stopped looking for him.

And as for me, well, let’s just say that it wasn’t the first time I was fucked in that park. I soon learned to love cocks of all sizes and shapes . . . and colours . . . but there will always be one in particular that I fondly recall each and every Christmas Eve.

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    Good story thanks.

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